wander off

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w>wander off

(= go off)weggehen, davonziehen (geh); to wander off coursevom Kurs abkommen; he wandered off into one of his fantasieser geriet wieder ins Fantasieren or Phantasieren; he must have wandered off somewhereer muss (doch) irgendwohin verschwunden sein
(inf: = leave) → allmählich or langsam gehen
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References in classic literature ?
The matter being settled, they were once more put on shore: the sailors, producing raisins and tobacco, leant upon the rail and watched the six English, whose coats and dresses looked so strange upon the green, wander off. A joke that was by no means proper set them all laughing, and then they turned round and lay at their ease upon the deck.
When Ole was cultivating his corn that summer, he used to get discouraged in the field, tie up his team, and wander off to wherever Lena Lingard was herding.
by Times News Service Should the Bidiyah Municipality retrieve any camels that have been allowed to wander off, their owners will have to pay OMR15 per retrieved camel, while a recovered sheep will set owners back OMR5.
He adds with a smile: "I do try to make normal records, but it always seems to wander off into odd territories."
"Kate and Gerry have always maintained that their daughter was abducted and simply didn't get up and wander off to her fate," the source said.
The parent's unit can activate the child's unit to sound an alarm which will help locate them if they wander off. The child's unit also includes a panic button that an older toddler or child can be taught to use should they need it.
Prosecutor Bernard Thorogood said Hilda Fairweather had dementia and was known to wander off.
I liked the fact that after Moore had punched someone, he'd immediately take a comb out, sort his haircut and wander off
A device has been invented to help parents find their children if they wander off while out shopping.
Having already paid through the nose for your daily ticket you can't watch a couple of hours play, wander off for a spot of lunch, show your stub and wander back in.
Before long, they wander off, meeting new creatures and finding exciting adventures.
The real fault is theirs for allowing kids so young to wander off unsupervised.