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n. pl. wanderoo or wan·der·oos

[From Sinhalese vandaru, pl. of vandurā, monkey, from Sanskrit vānaraḥ, forest dweller, monkey, probably from vanar- (as in vanarṣad-, sitting in the forest), archaic locative of van-, tree, wood.]


n, pl -deroos
(Animals) a macaque monkey, Macaca silenus, of India and Sri Lanka, having black fur with a ruff of long greyish fur on each side of the face
[C17: from Sinhalese vanduru monkeys, literally: forest-dwellers, from Sanskrit vānara monkey, from vana forest]
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The wildlife reserve is home to several animals like the wanderoo (langur), leopards, wild boar, and barking deer, and over 240 species of birds, such as storks, cranes, quail, and partridges.
Last May, unique lion-tailed macaques wanderoo were successfully delivered from Israel to Russia.
Some of these names may be unfamiliar: SIRENIAN (a member of the mammalian order Sirenia--sea cows); SPRINGER (a flying fish); WANDEROO (a langur monkey); STAGGARD (a stag in its 4th year); COMMENSAL (an animal which lives attached to another and shares its food); WARRIGAL (Australian wild dog); KOLINSKI (a mink); HARTEBEEST(an antelope); DIDELPHIS (an opossum); BUSH BABY (an African lemur); FILANDER (an intestinal worm; also a Kangaroo); MASTODON (an extinct elephant-like mammal); POPINJAY (a parrot); PETREL (a small sea bird); CURASSOW (a turkey-like bird); STANYEL (a kestrel).
com)-- Rostov-on-Don Zoo now has unique lion-tailed macaques wanderoo listed in the Red Book as endangered species.