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1. Contraction of want to: You wanna go now?
2. Contraction of want a: You wanna slice of pie?


(Phonetics & Phonology) a spelling of want to intended to reflect a dialectal or informal pronunciation: I wanna go home.


(ˈwɒn ə, ˈwɔ nə)
Pron. Spelling.
1. want to: I wanna get out of here.
2. want a: Wanna beer?


[ˈwɒnə] modal aux vb (= want to)
I wanna go → Je veux y aller.
They don't wanna do it → Ils veulent pas le faire.
What do you wanna do? → Qu'est-ce que tu veux faire?
References in classic literature ?
I see he had a still on an' I didn' wanna giv 'im no stuff, so I says: 'Git deh hell outa here an' don' make no trouble,' I says like dat
but' he says, 'I'm 'spectable cit'zen an' I wanna drink an' purtydamnsoon, too.
Bad As I Wanna Be would be bidding to enhance his standing as one of the leading juveniles seen out this season, a reputation he gained when storming to a surprise victory in the Prix Morny at Deauville last month.
With the announcement of its second annual Wanna Play?
Natasha's I Wanna Have Your Babies is a playful, jaunty track that will stick in your head.
Drawing from childhood memories and experiences of growing up in rural Indiana, We Wanna Rock showcases fifteen original songs created and entertainingly performed by Thaddeus Rex as acoustic rock productions for young listeners.
If you wanna good time, or just wanna be seen Come on into Liverpool, there's a brand new old scene Faded jeans are the order of the day They must be new ones if you wanna play.
99) 'Be nice to yu turkeys dis christmas Cos' turkeys just wanna hav fun Turkeys are cool, turkeys are wicked An every turkey has a Mum.
We don't wanna get in that situation 'cause then they start robbin' you for your fuckin' cheese.
The experience of a bit of age and touring, playing with a lot of other bands, seeing what other people do, and just coming into your own, realizing what you wanna do, what you don't wanna do.
The three other possibles are Brian Meehan's impressive Prix Morny winner Bad As I Wanna Be, Mick Channon's promising Tobougg and Criquette Head's Wooden Doll, who is set to be the sole French runner.