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n. pl. wap·a·tos or wap·a·toes
1. Either of two North American arrowheads (Sagittaria latifolia or S. cuneata) of marshy shorelines, having sagittate leaves and submerged rhizomes that produce thick round tubers. Also called broadleaf arrowhead.
2. One of the starchy edible tubers of these plants, a traditional food for various Native American peoples. In both senses also called duck potato, Indian potato.
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In November, Kehoe agreed to purchase the Wapato jail facility from Multnomah County.
Fink's career was celebrated with a dinner party held at Wapato Point Cellars in Manson in October in which nearly 30 friends and family were in attendance as she begins a life of retirement.
But its effectiveness as a bioinsecticide can be diminished by exposure to ultra-violet light and by the larvae's tendency to burrow into fruit to feed shortly after hatching, says entomologist Alan Knight, at ARS's Fruit and Vegetable Insect Research Unit in Wapato, Washington.
Teri Allen and Rogelio de la Rosa (USDA-ARS, Miami, Florida) for technical assistance, Jonathan Crane (UF-TREC, Homestead, Florida) for access to field sites, and David Horton (USDA/ARS, Wapato, Washington) and Robert Meagher (USDA/ARS, Gainesville, Florida) for comments on an earlier version of this manuscript.
More than 5,000 folders were stuffed, boxed, delivered and donated by members to schools in Granger, Mabton, Sunnyside, Toppenish, Wapato, Yakima, Union Gap, Grandview and Highland.
The company is based in Seattle, Washington and has research and development, manufacturing and administration facilities in Wapato, Washington and sales and technical service offices around the world.
Moving into the present, Michelle Jacob draws on interviews with members of the Wapato Indian Club, a dance troupe based on the Yakama Reservation in Wapato, Washington, to "articulate the lessons about identity, representation, and resistance contained in the narratives about participation in [the club].
Amtech LLC considers itself a composite specla and engages in thermoset resin transfer molding and vacuum-assist RTM, plus finishing, assembly, and custom packaging from a 220,000 ft2 plant in Wapato, Wash.
Cruz was raised in Mexico but later migrated to Wapato, Washington, struggling throughout middle school as she did not yet speak English.
The delightful Sagittaria latifolia has several common names: wapato, duck potato and American arrowhead.