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Noun1.war god - a god worshipped as giving victory in warwar god - a god worshipped as giving victory in war
deity, divinity, god, immortal - any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force
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The brigade was hurrying briskly to be gulped into the infernal mouths of the war god. What man- ner of men were they, anyhow?
Kurt left him, andwhen he came to look about him the first thing he saw pasted on the padded wall was a reproduction, of the great picture by Siegfried Schmalz of the War God, that terrible, trampling figure with the viking helmet and the scarlet cloak, wading through destruction, sword in hand, which had so strong a resemblance to Karl Albert, the prince it was painted to please.
According to legend, it was given by a war god to Japan's first Emperor Jinmu and in centuries past, the sword itself was worshipped as a god.
References to an ancient Mexican war God seem out of place, and the choppy and convoluted narrative make it difficult to follow.
But it is his first publication about Taiwan, entitled Keeping Up with the War God, which offers his most raw and open portrayal of Taiwan.
And red being the colour of their war god Oro, who enforced his power with thunder and lightening, they understandably perceived the red-clad marines and their explosive weapons to be Oro's underlings sent to reinstate respect.
Taking the view that sacred writings are expressions of the human psyche, Gellert intertwines ideas from Buddhism and other Eastern religious philosophies to delve into the Abrahamic GodAEs journey of self-discovery, from tribal war god to the essence of consciousness.
He is both war god and poetry god, and he is the Lord of Ravens, the All-Father, and the rune master.
(16) Scholars such as Herbert and Patrick Miller have noted that in the Ancient Near East the war god is often depicted as being assisted in battle by other gods.
Populations at that time were polytheists and one of the many gods that Judeans acknowledged was a storm or war god. Over time, this god took on the attributes of other gods such as El, Baal and the Sun god.