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A military commander exercising civil power in a region, whether in nominal allegiance to the national government or in defiance of it.

war′lord′ism n.
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(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a military leader of a nation or part of a nation, esp one who is accountable to nobody when the central government is weak: the Chinese warlords.
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1. a military commander, esp. of a warlike nation.
2. (esp. formerly in China) a military commander who has seized control of a region in a country.
war′lord`ism, n.
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A military commander wielding civil power. Sometimes in nominal allegiance to the king or emperor, usually defying such control.
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Noun1.warlord - supreme military leader exercising civil power in a region especially one accountable to nobody when the central government is weakwarlord - supreme military leader exercising civil power in a region especially one accountable to nobody when the central government is weak
military leader - a leader of military forces
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noun military leader, general a dictator and warlord who had oppressed his people
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قائِد عَسْكَري قوي جدا
vojenský diktátor
askerî önder


[ˈwɔːlɔːd] Ncaudillo m
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(woː) noun
(an) armed struggle, especially between nations. Their leader has declared war on Britain; The larger army will win the war; the horrors of war; (also adjective) He is guilty of war crimes.
verbpast tense, past participle warred
to fight. The two countries have been warring constantly for generations.
ˈwarlike adjective
(negative unwarlike) fond of, or likely to begin, war. a warlike nation.
ˈwarrior (ˈwo-) noun
a soldier or skilled fighting man, especially in primitive societies. The chief of the tribe called his warriors together; (also adjective) a warrior prince.
war correspondent
a newspaper reporter who writes articles on a war especially from the scene of fighting.
ˈwar-cryplural ˈwar-cries noun
a shout used in battle as an encouragement to the soldiers. `For king and country' was the war-cry of the troops as they faced the enemy.
ˈwar-dance noun
a dance performed by the people of some primitive societies before going to war.
ˈwarfare noun
fighting, as in a war. He refused to fight, because he has religious objections to warfare.
ˈwarhead noun
the explosive section of a missile, torpedo etc. nuclear warheads.
ˈwarhorse noun
a horse used in battle.
ˈwarlord noun
a very powerful military leader.
ˈwarmonger noun
a person who encourages war(s), often for personal reasons.
ˈwarpaint noun
paint applied to the face etc by the people of some primitive societies before going into battle.
ˈwarship noun
a ship used in war or defence.
ˈwartime noun
the time during which a country, a people etc is at war. There is a great deal of hardship and misery in wartime; (also adjective) a wartime economy.
war of nerves
a war, contest etc in which each side tries to win by making the other nervous, eg by bluff, rather than by actually fighting. That game of chess was a war of nerves.
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And so presently Bert found himself sitting to eat in the presence of the "German Alexander"--that great and puissant Prince, Prince Karl Albert, the War Lord, the hero of two hemispheres.
President Ashraf Ghani however seems unhappy over the Russian invitation to a selected group of politicians and war lord for talks at Moscow.
Fearing that the proposed loan will definitely be a bad loan and is not recoverable and at the same time, he could not say no to the war lord, he preferred to leave the charge and rush to the Provincial Headquarters where he explained his difficulties and threat to his life.
Mohammad Farooq Rehmani termed it India's frustration as the general was speaking like a war lord not a responsible general.
Even the Yoruba race did not feel the absence of a war Lord. Hence, the emergence of Otunba Gani Adams as the next General came as a surprise to lots of people who are not conversant with his inestimable contributions to the social, cultural, economical and political development of Yoruba Kingdom.
It is an exciting tale, and Aimee faces considerable danger from the former Yugoslavian war lord. While the author sprinkles various street names when describing Aimee's cab or scooter rides, and the names of various buildings and institutions, somehow the flavor of Paris doesn't show as colorfully as in previous entries in this long-running series.
James Bond goes on the trail of a shadowy organisation led by Dominic Greene, developer of eco-technology with links to a very violent war lord.
Second: 1 Jo Jo Fantasy, 2 War Lord, 3 Fionntra Gavin, 4 Tyrap Dragi, 5 Ascot Becky, 6 Fizzypop Buddy (m).
The 17th Middlesex was formed on Secretary of State for War Lord Kitchener's prompting and following a public meeting in December 1914 in Fulham Town Hall about 35 professionals enlisted.
Fighting erupted after the army stormed the house of war lord Ahmed