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The bed of the former torrent was choked with the bodies of horses and splintered parts of war machines.
But the idea of a war machine fell before the declaration of Governments.
And that was only the beginning of a succession of strange phenomena in the heavens--cylinders, cones, pear-shaped monsters, even at last a thing of aluminium that glittered wonderfully, and that Grubb, through some confusion of ideas about armour plates, was inclined to consider a war machine.
War machines from throughout history rumbled through Aberdeenshire yesterday for the annual military vehicle tattoo at the Grampian Transport Museum.
DOES CANADA REALLY need the latest and greatest war machines? No.
Gaza: July 18 -- (BNA) Israeli war machines intruded early dawn today into the Al-Zaitoun residential neighborhood southeast of Gaza City and bulldozed Palestinian farmlands, amidst sluggish firing.
Briefly, they remind me of war machines and of a recent spate of dull
Japan has built on its importance for the world through technological advances and not war machines, and today no country in the world can even think of launching an attack on Japan since it would destroy the world economy as we know it.
MEDIEVAL war machines will be built at Nuneaton's Riversley Park Museum and Art Gallery over half term.
SIR - We wish to object in the strongest terms to the presence of war machines in our town centres as part of the Army's recruitment activities.
However, another dark threat lurks unnoticed within the Icemark, which may prove even more deadly than the Empire's war machines. Fans of Hill's first book will be glad to see familiar characters and settings, including the odd mix of fantasy and horror creatures.
We've evolved from human squad-based multiplayers, such as Full Spectrum Warrior, to the first and only squad-based multiplayer where giant metal war machines called 'Hounds' are at your disposal instead of people.