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Adj.1.war-ridden - engaged in warwar-ridden - engaged in war; "belligerent (or warring) nations"
unpeaceful - not peaceful; "unpeaceful times"; "an unpeaceful marriage"
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We confirm that deputy head of the TTP Khalid Mehsud died in a drone strike,' said the spokesman the spokesman, Mohammad Khurasani adding the drone strike that killed their leader Sajna was carried out on the border area between North Waziristan agency and Paktika province of war-ridden Afghanistan.
The rise of this nationalist discourse contains the seeds of a return to a divided and war-ridden Europe, a disturbing trend that urgently requires a collective effort to roll back.
The GNA, which formally came into being in March 2016, has been struggling to unify the war-ridden North African nation and exert its control over its entire territory.
He concluded stating that there is no solution of the crisis of the war-ridden Afghanistan without bringing all segments onboard and addressing legitimate concerns of Pakistan.
German filmmakers Philip Gnadt and Mickey Yamine's Gaza Surf Club is set in the war-ridden city of Gaza where the beach offers young residents feeling trapped a form of escapism, even if only for a short while.
They demanded from government to provide all basic facilities like education and health facilities to the war-ridden agency of Waziristan.
It was the case that the flow of migrants from war-ridden countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen through Turkey into Europe through Greece was the primary problem.
Pakistan is planning to rebuild and rehabilitate war-ridden Afghanistan.
Soon the two find themselves pursued across the savage, war-ridden wilderness by a ruthless slave hunter, with a bounty on their heads.
TAHRAN (CyHAN)- Iran said on Wednesday that the war-ridden Yemen is on the verge of human catastrophe as the Saudi-led coalition tightens its grip on humanitarian aid channels to the Arab state,.
Long before there were live feeds from war zones, photographers like Cartier-Bresson dared to go to the frontlines to provide but a snippet of the daily realities in war-ridden areas, often aimed at audiences thousands of miles away.