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war·ble 1

v. war·bled, war·bling, war·bles
To sing (a note or song, for example) with trills, runs, or other melodic embellishments.
1. To sing with trills, runs, or quavers.
2. To be sounded in a trilling or quavering manner.
The act or an instance of singing with trills, runs, or quavers.

[Middle English werbelen, from Old North French werbler, dialectal variant of Old French guerbler, to sing in a certain way (perhaps by modulating), of Germanic origin; akin to Middle Dutch wervelen and Old Norse hvirfla, to whirl.]

war·ble 2

a. An abscessed boillike swelling on the back of cattle, deer, and certain other animals, caused by the larva of a warble fly.
b. The warble fly, especially in its larval stage.
2. A hard lump of tissue on a riding horse's back caused by rubbing of the saddle.

[Probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to obsolete Swedish varbulde.]
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1. (Music, other) the act or an instance of singing with trills, runs, and other embellishments
2. (of an inanimate object) the act of making a high, trilling sound, or the sound made
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[ˈwɔːblɪŋ] Ngorjeo m
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[ˈwɔːblɪŋ] n (of bird) → trillo, gorgheggio
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References in classic literature ?
She laughed very prettily, not so much at the sonnets, which she could not but esteem, as at poor Henry's French accent, which was unique, resembling the warbling of birds, if birds ever warbled with a stuttering, nasal intonation.
Nevertheless, ere long, the warm, warbling persuasiveness of the pleasant, holiday weather we came to, seemed gradually to charm him from his mood.
The heavens opened, and across the blue rift it hung in a glory of celestial fire, while from behind and above the clouds came a warbling as of innumerable larks.
There was little of that sort of customary thing where the tenor and the soprano stand down by the footlights, warbling, with blended voices, and keep holding out their arms toward each other and drawing them back and spreading both hands over first one breast and then the other with a shake and a pressure--no, it was every rioter for himself and no blending.
Fountains and yee, that warble, as ye flow, Melodious murmurs, warbling tune his praise.
Orlando Ladislaw is making a sad dark-blue scandal by warbling continually with your Mr.
And because the breath of flowers is far sweeter in the air (where it comes and goes like the warbling of music) than in the hand, therefore nothing is more fit for that delight, than to know what be the flowers and plants that do best perfume the air.
At the doors of huts groups of women turned to look after him, warbling softly, and with gleaming eyes; armed men stood out of the way, submissive and erect; others approached from the side, bending their backs to address him humbly; an old woman stretched out a draped lean arm--"Blessings on thy head!" she cried from a dark doorway; a fiery-eyed man showed above the low fence of a plantain-patch a streaming face, a bare breast scarred in two places, and bellowed out pantingly after him, "God give victory to our master!" Karain walked fast, and with firm long strides; he answered greetings right and left by quick piercing glances.
His opponent was Tim Khan and I think maybe nerves got the better of him, he didn't hit the notes, his tone was really weird and he kept on warbling during Stevie's parts.
As for Russell Crowe, his warbling sounds like a cat being mistreated.
WORST BIT: Earplugs required for proves heck of lungs on Redmayne possession sweet, singing the same for Jackman especially, he Crowe's warbling. IF YOU LIKED...The Phantom Of The Opera (2004), Evita...
So I stopped to have better look And I realised the two were warbling A fine duet in close harmony And in rhythm with their wobbling.