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n. pl. war·den·ries
The office, duties, or jurisdiction of a warden.
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He wrote letters to Salisbury, entreating him to withhold favour from Sir Henry's brother Roger, against whom he harboured a grudge, possibly stemming from the latter's involvement with the wardenry of the English East March before 1603.
He was returned to power as general deputy warden of all the marches in 1552, and his fortunes improved again in 1555 when he was made warden of the East and Middle Marches, but he was deprived of the wardenry of the East Marches in 1557 with the restoration of the Percies.
Serious disputes arose concerning the custody of Carlisle Castle, farms of crown land which were traditionally associated with the wardenry, and arrangements for Bewcastle's defence; and the marches were disturbed by feuds between Clifford and Dacre followers.