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n. pl. war·locks
A person, especially a man, claiming or popularly believed to practice sorcery or witchcraft.

[From Scots warlock (generalized in English from literary use by Scottish authors and replacing Early Modern English warlow), from alteration (with -ok for Middle English -ow as in Scots elbok, elbow, and windok, window) of Middle English warloghe, warlow, from Old English wǣrloga, oath-breaker : wǣr, pledge; see wērə-o- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots + -loga, liar (from lēogan, to lie; see leugh- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots).]


1. (Alternative Belief Systems) a man who practises black magic; sorcerer
2. (Alternative Belief Systems) a fortune-teller, conjuror, or magician
[Old English wǣrloga oath breaker, from wǣr oath + -loga liar, from lēogan to lie1]


(Biography) Peter, real name Philip Arnold Heseltine. 1894–1930, British composer and scholar of early English music. His works include song cycles, such as The Curlew (1920–22), and the Capriol Suite (1926) for strings



1. a man who is a witch, esp. a practitioner of black magic; sorcerer.
2. a fortuneteller or conjurer.
[before 900; Middle English warloghe, -lach, Old English wǣrloga oathbreaker, devil <wǣr covenant + -loga betrayer, derivative of lēogan to lie1]


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A Scottish term meaning demon, wizard or magician and used in medieval times to describe male witches but rarely used by male witches themselves today.
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Noun1.warlock - a male witch or demonwarlock - a male witch or demon    
witch - a being (usually female) imagined to have special powers derived from the devil


noun magician, witch, wizard, sorcerer, conjuror, mage (archaic), enchanter, necromancer knights who confront fiery dragons and wicked warlocks


[ˈwɔːlɒk] Nbrujo m, hechicero m
References in classic literature ?
I'm nae warlock, to find a fortune for you in the bottom of a parritch bowl; but just you give me a day or two, and say naething to naebody, and as sure as sure, I'll do the right by you.
Kim turned it over with the air of a wise warlock, muttering a Mohammedan invocation.
We travel with warlocks, but they will not hurt thee.
But Mull swears it is the solemn fact that the lawyer, after shaking his knotted fists in the air for an instant, simply ran from the room and never reappeared in the countryside; and since then Exmoor has been feared more for a warlock than even for a landlord and a magistrate.
The English author, on the other hand, without supposing him less of a conjuror than the Northern Warlock, can, you observed, only have the liberty of selecting his subject amidst the dust of antiquity, where nothing was to be found but dry, sapless, mouldering, and disjointed bones, such as those which filled the valley of Jehoshaphat.
In school hours he stored his mind with the grand grave tales of the Bible, and with the stately English of Addison; out of school hours he listened to the tales and songs of an old woman who sang to him, or told him stories of fairies and brownies, of witches and warlocks, of giants, enchanted towns, dragons, and what not.
I think we did something really creative and unique with Adam Warlock.
BIRMINGHAM POST THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2016 CD RELEASES Classical Heracleitus Daniels / Dussek / Bridge String Quartet THE album's title is from a Peter Warlock song receiving, in its guise with string quartet accompaniment, a world premiere recording.
8DA followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Plateau 9 One-up 10 Twins 11 Flatter 12 Pig 13 Agitator 16 Tropical 17 Etc 19 Basmati 21 Congo 22 Thyme 23 Gunnera DOWN: 1 Epitaph 2 Malinger 3 Sees 4 Not at all 5 Next 6 Spare 8 Unflinching 13 Alphabet 14 Oleander 15 Acrobat 18 Abate 20 Styx 21 Cent QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Soft-centred 8 Peg 9 Yap 11 Earlier 12 Theme 13 Ate 14 Set 15 Blanket 17 Hid 19 Ally 21 Undo 23 Edge 25 Fade 27 Gas 29 Warlock 31 Tab 34 Ace 36 Climb 37 Immoral 38 Her 39 Ill 40 Cottage loaf DOWN: 1 Seat 2 Ogre 3 Twirled 4 Errand 5 Title 6 Eyes 7 Dame 8 Peach 10 Petty 16 Tag 18 Dud 20 Leg 22 New 24 Decimal 25 Fetch 26 Flying 28 Smell 30 Abbot 32 Alec 33 Biro 34 Aria 35 Calf
With the help of her warlock boyfriend, Bishop, Indie learns that Paige is trapped in Los Demonios, an alternate and extremely dangerous dimension that serves as an underworld prison for evil witches, warlocks, and sorcerers.
Those extra groceries would prove beneficial as I began to get early-season pictures of Warlock.
If they're a fraud, then we're all frauds, and all religion is a fraud," charged self-proclaimed warlock Christian Day, who owns two witchcraft stores in Salem, Massachusetts.