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A horse of any of various breeds having a moderate build and mild temperament, originally developed by crossing draft horses with Arabians or Thoroughbreds, and often used for dressage and jumping.
Relating to or having the characteristics of a warmblood.

[Translation of German Warmblut : warm, warm + Blut, blood (from the fact that warmblood horses are livelier than draft horses but less excitable than Arabians and Thoroughbreds).]
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a breed of horse
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The Palomino and Warmblood structures are very similar in nature and are interpreted to be associated with shear zones parallel to the regionally significant Celia Fault.
KUWAIT, Aug 25 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's Ali Al-Khorafi on Ewout K outpaced his closest competitor by over a second to clinch equestrian show-jumping's CSI2* Grand Prix at Zandhoven, Belgium, on Monday The Kuwait Riding School Asian gold-medalist claimed the 1m 50cm jump-off in 36,96secs atop his Belgian Warmblood gelding, after a faultless finish in the first round.
A genome-wide association study indicates LCORL/NCAPG as a candidate locus for withers height in German Warmblood horses.
King's Landing, affectionately called Leo, is a 7-year-old, Belgian Warmblood that George has owned for about a year and a half.
Twister, a stunning Dutch Warmblood standing 18.2hands tall, is proving to be a wonder horse after making incredible strides against the odds after sustaining 65 per cent burns in a freak accident.
Born in 1977, he was sired by the Dutch Warmblood Marius and was ridden by the late Caroline Bradley during his early career.
Claire bred Ghillie out of her Welsh Cob mare Indie by the Dutch Warmblood sire Wise Guy and it was their second win the five-round series organised by the team at Cumbria Horse Trials, as she and Ghillie had won the 80cm Speed & in the first round.
There, her current mounts include: Devon, a nine-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare she bred herself, DeLauren, a thirteen-year-old Oldenberg mare, bred by Lloyd Landkamer, and Bullseye, an eleven-year-old Dutch Warmblood, bred by Dr.
(20) A 6-week-old female -- German Holstein-Friesian calf, weighting 67 kg, with deformation of the right forelimb associated with two supernumerary digits Halsberghe (21) 8 adult horses, age 60 days (30 minutes/ range from 6.7-15.4 2x per day) 5 days years; horses breeds per week were Warmblood geldings (n=4), Irish sport horse geldings (n=2),Thoroughbred gelding (n=l), and Thoroughbred mare (n=1) Santos et al.
Genetic variability in Hanoverian warmblood horses using pedigree analysis.
Similar results have been reported in Dutch Warmblood foals (KROEKENSTOEL et al., 2006), adult Criollo horses (CANTO et al., 2006), and Polo horses (SAMPAIO, 2013).