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adj. warm·er, warm·est
1. Somewhat hotter than temperate; having or producing a comfortable and agreeable degree of heat; moderately hot: a warm climate.
2. Having the natural heat of living beings: a warm body.
3. Preserving or imparting heat: a warm jacket.
4. Having or causing a sensation of unusually high body heat, as from exercise or hard work; overheated.
5. Marked by enthusiasm; ardent: warm support.
6. Characterized by liveliness, excitement, or disagreement; heated: a warm debate.
7. Marked by or revealing friendliness or sincerity; cordial: warm greetings.
8. Loving; passionate: a warm embrace.
9. Excitable, impetuous, or quick to be aroused: a warm temper.
10. Predominantly red or yellow in tone: a warm sunset.
11. Recently made; fresh: a warm trail.
12. Close to discovering, guessing, or finding something, as in certain games.
13. Informal Uncomfortable because of danger or annoyance: Things are warm for the bookies.
v. warmed, warm·ing, warms
1. To raise slightly in temperature; make warm: warmed the rolls a bit more; warm up the house.
2. To make zealous or ardent; enliven.
3. To fill with pleasant emotions: We were warmed by the sight of home.
1. To become warm: The rolls are warming in the oven.
2. To become ardent, enthusiastic, or animated: began to warm to the subject.
3. To become kindly disposed or friendly: She felt the audience warming to her.
n. Informal
A warming or heating.
Phrasal Verb:
warm up
1. To prepare for an athletic event by exercising, stretching, or practicing for a short time beforehand.
2. To make or become ready for an event or operation.
3. To make more enthusiastic, excited, or animated.
4. To approach a state of confrontation or violence.

[Middle English, from Old English wearm.]

warm′er n.
warm′ish adj.
warm′ly adv.
warm′ness n.
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Noun1.warmness - a positive feeling of likingwarmness - a positive feeling of liking; "he had trouble expressing the affection he felt"; "the child won everyone's heart"; "the warmness of his welcome made us feel right at home"
feeling - the experiencing of affective and emotional states; "she had a feeling of euphoria"; "he had terrible feelings of guilt"; "I disliked him and the feeling was mutual"
attachment, fond regard - a feeling of affection for a person or an institution
protectiveness - a feeling of protective affection
regard, respect - a feeling of friendship and esteem; "she mistook his manly regard for love"; "he inspires respect"
soft spot - a sentimental affection; "she had a soft spot for her youngest son"
2.warmness - the quality of having a moderate degree of heat; "an agreeable warmth in the house"
high temperature, hotness, heat - the presence of heat
lukewarmness, tepidity, tepidness - a warmness resembling the temperature of the skin
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دِفء، حَرارَه
hiti, hlÿja


(woːm) adjective
1. moderately, or comfortably, hot. Are you warm enough, or shall I close the window?; a warm summer's day.
2. (of clothes) protecting the wearer from the cold. a warm jumper.
3. welcoming, friendly, enthusiastic etc. a warm welcome; a warm smile.
4. tending to make one hot. This is warm work!
5. (of colours) enriched by a certain quantity of red or pink, or (of red etc) rich and bright. a warm red; I don't want white walls – I want something warmer.
1. to make moderately hot. He warmed his hands in front of the fire.
2. to become friendly (towards) or enthusiastic (about). She warmed to his charm.
an act of warming. Give your hands a warm in front of the fire.
ˈwarmly adverb
warmness noun
ˈwarmth () noun
the state of being warm. the warmth of the fire; The actor was delighted by the warmth of the applause; The warmth of her smile made me feel welcome.
ˌwarm-ˈblooded adjective
1. having a blood temperature greater than that of the surrounding atmosphere. warm-blooded animals such as man.
2. enthusiastic; passionate. When I was young and warm-blooded, I was passionate about many things that don't interest me now.
warmed-over adjective
1. warmed up or heated again. warmed-over soup.
2. (of a story, idea etc) that has been heard many times before so that it is no longer interesting or relevant.
ˌwarmˈhearted adjective
kind and affectionate. a warmhearted old lady; a warmhearted action.
ˌwarmˈheartedness noun
warm up
to make or become warm. The room will soon warm up; Have a cup of coffee to warm you up.
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It is these good fellows that he gets--the fellows with the fire and the go in them, who have bigness, and warmness, and the best of the human weaknesses.
Dickon had carried it over the moor in his arms and its feeding bottle was in his pocket with a squirrel, and when Mary had sat under a tree with its limp warmness huddled on her lap she had felt as if she were too full of strange joy to speak.
In one case, zero-affixation wins out over -ness: [ripe.sub.N] decays in 1500 (OED3) while ripeness stays in use until present day (OED3) and, in another, zero-affixation wins shortly but then it also disappears (warmness decays in 1681 and [warm.sub.N] in 1839, both in OED2).
Kanaan mixed the raw material which he uses with his artistic and cultural identity, considering that coffee brings to the mind of people the tenderness, warmness and affection.
I'm guessing some new people must be calling the shots now as that warmness is long gone along with my money.
Songs like Hunter by Bjork sound detailed, with the soundstage being handled well, if not as good as some counterparts.Choti Si Ashasounds detailed, with the instruments being reproduced quite clearly, with the lean towards warmness we've mentioned earlier.
50 PIER Redscar 4.5% Bitter A dark full bodied ale made with dark crystal and black malts, creating rich fruity flavours with a satisfying warmness. The bitter balance is obtained using pilgrim hops.
A number agreed and praised Camilla's wit and warmness to the people.
The head of resources and media at the society, Omar Al-Thuwaini, said in a statement 35 volunteers have been involved in the campaign, "Warmness and Safety," to relieve more than 10,000 Syrian refugees.
While balancing its relationship with US Pakistan must keep in mind sensitivity of time tested friend China and emerging warmness of Russia.
By citing a poem by popular poet Park No-hae, he wrote, "On Christmas morning, I am thinking of Jesus Christ's warmness that we all have in our hearts."
Responding to the questions from the media, Ch Parvez Elahi said that meetings of General Bajwa with the high level leadership of China regarding CPEC has played key role in restoration of the trust, after his visits to Turkey, Egypt and Qatar Pakistan's diplomatic relation have grown in warmness.