warn off

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w>warn off

vt sepwarnen; to warn somebody off doing somethingjdn (davor) warnen, etw zu tun; he warned me offer hat mich davor gewarnt; I warned him off my propertyich habe ihn von meinem Grundstück verwiesen; to warn somebody off a subjectjdm von einem Thema abraten; he sat there shaking his head, obviously trying to warn me offer saß da und schüttelte den Kopf, offensichtlich um mich davon abzubringen; he warns everybody off who tries to get friendly with herer lässt nicht zu, dass sich jemand um sie bemüht
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Starbuck, look at the binnacle watch, and in three minutes from this present instant warn off all strangers: then brace forward again, and let the ship sail as before.
The darkness of the jungle night had settled down upon the camp, relieved only by the fitful flarings of the fire that was kept up to warn off the man-eaters.
Farebrother should have taken pains rather to warn off than to obtain his interest, showed an unusual delicacy and generosity, which Lydgate's nature was keenly alive to.
After President Duterte appealed to China to temper its behavior in the South China Sea--referring to its warning off Philippine military aircraft flying over disputed islands, both natural and artificial -- China immediately responded, saying it has a right to warn off foreign ships and planes tha come close to its islands.