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Noun1.warning bell - a bell used to sound an alarmwarning bell - a bell used to sound an alarm  
bell - a hollow device made of metal that makes a ringing sound when struck
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It remained thus, until the first warning bell began to ring.
The memory of her forest dream had never passed away, and through trial and temptation she had been true, and kept her resolution still unbroken; seldom now did the warning bell sound in her ear, and seldom did the flower's fragrance cease to float about her, or the fairy light to brighten all whereon it fell.
He bowed as the warning bell rang, and Mainhall whispered: "You know Lord Westmere, of course,--the stooped man with the long gray mustache, talking to Lady Dowle.
But sorry pictures like those of Peter Barwick being held under arrest in his t-shirt and shorts hit a warning bell.
Tenders are invited for Electronic Hooter For Lc Gate Dull Tone Warning Bell With 25 Watt Horn And 15 Watt Amplifier, Working Voltage 24 V Dc.
"The first vehicle I drove had a warning bell which was operated by a button on the dashboard, but no-one ever heard it."
Tenders are invited for Supply of Dual Tone Warning Bell with 25 Watt Horn & 15 Watt amplifier.Infra Red thermal imaging systems for stationary installations.etc
Before suggesting a strategy to get to the bottom of Lee's behaviour, I'd just like to sound a warning bell.
Tenders are invited for Pedestrain Warning Bell For Level Crossing Gate 110 V Ac As Per Specification With 5 Watt Out Put Details Annexure.
Tenders are invited for Dual Tone Warning Bell Input 110 V Ac/12-24V Dc Able To Drive Two Horns Of 8 Ohms/40 Watt In Parellel.
Tenders are invited for Daul Tone Warning Bell For Lc Gate Operating Voltage 12/24/110V Dc Used For Railway Signalling As Per Irs : S /41 /70 Amdt-2.
Watch out for staff taking frequent short spells off work a rise in sickies should sound as a warning bell that morale and confidence is low.