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 (wôr′ən-tē′, wŏr′-)
One to whom a warranty is made or a warrant is given.


(Law) a person to whom a warranty is given


(ˌwɔr ənˈti, ˌwɒr-)

a person to whom a warranty is made.
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Noun1.warrantee - a recipient of a warrant issued by a court in the United States
recipient, receiver - a person who receives something
2.warrantee - a customer to whom a warrant or guarantee is given
customer, client - someone who pays for goods or services
3.warrantee - a written assurance that some product or service will be provided or will meet certain specificationswarrantee - a written assurance that some product or service will be provided or will meet certain specifications
surety, security - a guarantee that an obligation will be met
deposit - a payment given as a guarantee that an obligation will be met
stock warrant - a written certificate that gives the holder the right to purchase shares of a stock for a specified price within a specified period of time
assurance, pledge - a binding commitment to do or give or refrain from something; "an assurance of help when needed"; "signed a pledge never to reveal the secret"


nGarantieinhaber(in) m(f)
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Emtrac's high performance batteries with its patented SilvenX alloy allow an extended warrantee per-iod of 18 months to users, as opposed to the standard warrantee of 12 months by other industry players.
Warrantee: We provide one year standard warrantee from the date of supply for all manufacturing problems.
The biggest problems consumers faced last year were low-quality white goods, warrantee and servicing.
52/2013 and a bill of law for ratification of agreements for manufacturing, agency manufacturing, manufacturing warrantee, term sale, term sale warrantee to finance a project for improvement and development of water supply network between the Kingdom of Bahrain Government and the Islamic Bank for Development.
For example, it seeks to ensure after-sales service including availability of spare parts for at least five years from the purchase date and warrantee on spare parts for at least six months against manufacturing defects.
Fitted into the fuel line in 30 minutes, it carries a warrantee for 150,000 miles, claims to increase power and torque as well as reducing fuel consumption by 15 per cent.
As Per Spec:- Inverter Based Tig/Arc Welding Light Weight Robust And Portable, High Performance Welding Machine Integrated With Electronic Circuit To Deliver Maximum Output Provided With Test Certificate, Free Replacoment Of One Year Warrantee Against Manufacturing Defects.
In case additional warrantee is offered, potential suppliers will need to accordingly specify it in their offer,