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They say the world is much warre than it wont.
- Spenser.
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The unique wedding attracted hundreds of guests and dignitaries, including Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa, PS Charles Sunkuli and former Tana River woman representative Halima Warre.
In a press conference here at Bajaur Press Club, dozens of PTI workers from Tehsils Mamond and Warre Mamond head by Tehsil President Darwaish Khan and Khan Foor Khan said that they were supporting PTI from last 15-year and rendered sacrifices for the party.
Take a look at the huge signs on the mountains announcing their presence - the Sandeman don's black cape, regal on the horizon, Cockburn, Dow, Graham, Taylor and Warre all based within a half day's cruising downstream to Porto.
The Warre betwixt Nature and Fortune, published in 1583, where the name of one of the characters, Telamon, is once spelled 'Telamo'.
Warre, Overland to Oregon in 1845 (Ottawa: Public Archives
Hive inspections will be a little different depending on what kind of hive you have: Langstroth, Warre, or top bar beehive.
As of January 2017, NWJRCF had two active Langstroth hives prepped for winter in its prison yard, with current plans to add an additional five Langstroth hives and two Warre hives in spring 2017.
As the Good Spirits despairingly say: 'Let warre, which (tempest-like) all with it selfe o'rethrowes, | Make of this diuerse world a stage for blood-enammeld shows.' (22) In the 'Inquisition upon Fame and Honour', as we have seen, Greville aligns the soldier with the politician and historian; here, warfare is compared to the staging of drama (a sense we also see reflected in the contemporary English term, 'theatre of war').
Designed by French monk Abbe Emile Warre, the warre hive will be kind to your bees, and still allow you to harvest the honey.
(16.) William, Fennor, Fennors Descriptions, (London, 1616); Stephen Gosson, Playes Confuted in Five Actions, (London, 1596); and The Triumpet of Warre, (London, 1598).
(9.) Brian Melbancke, Philotimus: the Warre betwixt Nature and Fortune (London: Roger Ward, 1583), [no sig.].
Lisvane Panthers Black beat Radyr 5-0 thanks to goals from Ioan McDougal, James Warre and Jac Lloyd (3).