wash the dishes

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When the meal was ended Anne came out of her reverie and offered to wash the dishes.
But first I will tell you that for many years I have longed for a servant to help me with the housework and to cook the meals and wash the dishes.
After that altruistic exploit Stevie was put to help wash the dishes in the basement kitchen, and to black the boots of the gentlemen patronising the Belgravian mansion.
And I will take charge of the house to-day, and light the fires and wash the dishes - '
Little Kotrina was like most children of the poor, prematurely made old; she had to take care of her little brother, who was a cripple, and also of the baby; she had to cook the meals and wash the dishes and clean house, and have supper ready when the workers came home in the evening.
Rental and maintenance of equipment wash the dishes.
NORDIN AMRABAT used to wash the dishes at an Indonesian restaurant - now he's stepping up to the plate for Watford in the FA Cup.
I wash the dishes and I stand there and say 'I bet Elton doesn't do this'.
A friend joined me in the kitchen to wash the dishes after dinner.
Contributing to this scandalous waste, I personally and regrettably waste a minimum of 2,000 gallons a year whilst waiting for the water to be hot enough to wash the dishes.
Making the day bright Wash the car Wash the dishes Wash away the blues Making a day bright Wish for something nice It might come true Blue and white and shoes Go to the Metrocentre and say Hello Waiting for something Waiting for somebody Trying to get our jobs done As the frost melts And Christmas Fayres Give great joy And toys and belts The day is nearly done The waiting has changed Into action and memories Unfold like a carpet Take a chocolate Eat the corned beef pie Open the gate And say goodbye As the dark comes in Birthday dreams shine Like stars and the cars Are sleeping and waiting For the frost Now its time to say Thank You and pray For family and friends KENNETH MOOD, Swalwell.
A Juvenile Court judge gave the answer: "Go home, mow the lawn, wash the dishes, learn to cook, clean the windows, visit grandparents, study wildlife, read a book, write a letter.