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 (wŏsh′ər-măn′, -mən, wôsh′-) also wash·man (wŏsh′măn′, -mən, wôsh′-)
A man who washes clothes and linens for a living.
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(ˈwɒʃ ər mən, ˈwɔ ʃər-)

n., pl. -men.
1. a man who washes clothes, linens, etc., for hire; laundryman.
2. a man who operates a machine for washing, as in a phase of a manufacturing process.
usage: See -man.
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Noun1.washerman - operates industrial washing machinewasherman - operates industrial washing machine
washer - someone who washes things for a living
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غاسِلَة المَلابِس بالأجْرَه


(woʃ) verb
1. to clean (a thing or person, especially oneself) with (soap and) water or other liquid. How often do you wash your hair?; You wash (the dishes) and I'll dry; We can wash in the stream.
2. to be able to be washed without being damaged. This fabric doesn't wash very well.
3. to flow (against, over etc). The waves washed (against) the ship.
4. to sweep (away etc) by means of water. The floods have washed away hundreds of houses.
1. an act of washing. He's just gone to have a wash.
2. things to be washed or being washed. Your sweater is in the wash.
3. the flowing or lapping (of waves etc). the wash of waves against the rocks.
4. a liquid with which something is washed. a mouthwash.
5. a thin coat (of water-colour paint etc), especially in a painting. The background of the picture was a pale blue wash.
6. the waves caused by a moving boat etc. The rowing-boat was tossing about in the wash from the ship's propellers.
ˈwashable adjective
able to be washed without being damaged. Is this dress washable?
ˈwasher noun
1. a person or thing (eg a machine) that washes. They've just bought an automatic dish-washer.
2. a flat ring of rubber, metal etc to keep nuts or joints tight. Our tap needs a new washer.
ˈwashing noun
1. (an) act of cleaning by water. I don't mind washing, but I hate ironing.
2. clothes washed or to be washed. I'll hang the washing out to dry.
ˌwashed-ˈout adjective
1. completely lacking in energy etc. I feel quite washed-out today.
2. (of garments etc) pale, having lost colour as a result of washing. She wore a pair of old, washed-out jeans.
ˈwasherwoman, washerman nouns
a person who is paid to wash clothes.
washcloth noun
(American) a piece of cloth for washing the face or body.
ˈwash-basin noun
a basin in which to wash one's face and hands. We are having a new washbasin installed in the bathroom.
ˈwashing-machine noun
an electric machine for washing clothes. She has an automatic washing-machine.
ˈwashing-powder noun
a powdered detergent used when washing clothes.
ˌwashing-ˈup noun
dishes etc cleaned or to be cleaned after a meal etc. I'll help you with the washing-up.
ˈwashout noun
(an idea, project, person etc which is) a complete failure. She was a complete washout as a secretary.
ˈwashroom noun
a lavatory.
wash up
1. to wash dishes etc after a meal. I'll help you wash up; We've washed the plates up.
2. (American) to wash one's hands and face.
3. to bring up on to the shore. The ship was washed up on the rocks; A lot of rubbish has been washed up on the beach.
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A financial aid of Rs 10,000 per annum will be provided to washermen, barbers and tailors, said the statement.
Shehla pointing fingers at protesting opposition members said, 'Ye dhobe ke tarah kapre dho rahe hein' (they are washing clothes like washermen).
By the same token, children of the relatively slower rungs like washermen, barbers, sweepers, peons (office boys) daily wage blue collars, gardeners, cobblers, municipality workers are showing an over 40 per cent tectonic shift from their traditional functional traps where they were once damned and marked by the job they performed.
A large number of label images were orientalist: those of Indian jugglers, circuses, rope dancers, snake charmers, nautch girls, tiger hunts, maharajas, washermen, elephants etc.
So are the trades and vocations undertaken by small and petty contractors, vendors, plumbers, carpenters, blacksmiths, barbers, mechanics, washermen, small eateries, dhabas, tea shops and multiple others.
BAOLIS in Delhi would soon be brought to their old- age glory when different floors of the step- well saw washermen scrubbing the robes of nobles, women drawing water from the well and the odd cow making its way inside to quench its thirst from fresh water, replenished by an underground spring.
It is believed that washermen mix the laundry that pass on germs from contaminated clothes to others.
Mansuri24 conducted in 2002 a cross-sectional study regarding child labour in ancestral occupation among the washermen community of Goharabad, Gulberg Town, involving 40 children aged 7 to 15 years.
he is obliged, in a short time afterwards, to get a fresh supply of cotton shirts, waistcoats, and breeches, not only because they are better adapted to the climate, but because the washermen seem to have come under an engagement to the cotton-venders and tailors, to destroy the European habiliments as soon as possible; which indeed they do very effectually, and make no secret of their purpose; for while they thump your linen upon the washing-stones, at every blow they call out Europe!
A dyer's reputation was literally in the hands of his clients' dhobis, or washermen, who invariably beat clothing vigorously against rocks before laying them out to dry, often in very public places.
At least 11 civilians were also buried under the avalanche which included two waiters, two barbers, three washermen (Dhobi), two canteen men, one tailor and a servant named Ghulam Rasool whose presence at the sight of the avalanche is not confirmed yet.