(wŏsh′ĭ-tîr′ē-ə, wô′shĭ-)
A laundromat.

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US a launderette
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There is Mid-Town Laundromat, which is a washeteria located in a pink building, but what also serves a mean eggs-bacon-and-pancakes breakfast.
My Beautiful Laundrette is to be screened at Moseley Washeteria, while Brief Encounter is to be shown at Moor Street Station.
Sarah Benson, CODIRECTOR: Washeteria felt like it wanted to be embedded in this Brooklyn neighborhood rather than in our theatre in Tribeca.
Showers, communal barbecue facilities, washeteria and there's even a superb bakery and Indian restaurant just down the road.
Amble Washeteria Carrie and Danny, owners of Washeteria, have now been open for just over a year.
As it turns out Carney actually disqualifies this latter example as a possible standard English spelling (Carney, 1994: 96) although he recognizes that such combinations are possible in 'commercial jargon' such as washeteria. In this subsection I want to look at some of the concerns that will arise in a synthesis of Carney and Albrow's observations.
The water system consists of raw water collection, water treatment, a washeteria, a central watering point, and water delivery by vehicle.
She does her laundry at the local Washeteria and spends pounds 20 a month on one 40-minute session on a tanning bed.
The vehicle, which was being driven by a 76-year-old woman, went through the front of Washeteria on Aldsworth Avenue, Worthing, West Sussex, at around 9.45am.
"Main Street mixes murals depicting a movie theater and a hardware store, in colors specially selected for Alzheimer's residents, with a functioning ice cream shop, pet shop, washeteria, beauty shop, boutique and workshop.
The suffixes or combining forms that betray Spanish origin include the prolific -teria (washeteria, after cafeteria,) and the "parasitic" -aroo (jivaroo, wackaroo, etc.,) and -eroo (swingeroo, stinkeroo) which appeared in amusing slangy formations in the 1930s by analogy with buckaroo (< Sp.
The 84-year-old victim was attacked as she walked through the passage behind the Washeteria Launderette in Craven Road, yesterday shortly before 4.45pm.