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Noun1.washing day - a day set aside for doing household laundrywashing day - a day set aside for doing household laundry
day - a day assigned to a particular purpose or observance; "Mother's Day"
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Suppose, then, that we make tomorrow a washing day, and start at daybreak.
Then on the earth there would be indeed, A glorious washing day!
MY mum was telling me that, when she was little, she used to do the mangling on washing day.
'It is the need of the hour so that they could remain protected from different diseases,' he said on Wednesday at DG Girls High School Kabotarpura to mark the Global Hand Washing Day and Clean and Green Punjab campaign.
As Sierra Lone joins the rest of the world to celebrate Global Hand Washing Day, which is globally celebrated October 15th each year to raise awareness on the need and benefits of Hand Washing, this writer would now proffer some of the benefits of Hand Washing with Soap, not only during critical times, but also as a practice to the point of being a norm to save lives.
BalochistanRuralSupport Programme (BRSP) Chief Executive Officer Nadir Gul Barech has said every year in the province 35, out of 1,000 children, lose their lives before reaching the age of five due to lack of cleanliness."Cleanliness is next to godliness," said Barech while addressing a ceremony held in connection with the Global Hand Washing Day at the Balochistan Boy Scouts Association in Quetta on Monday.
DADU -- Speakers at the Global Hand Washing Day in Dadu, said that to eradicate diseases caused by poor health and hygiene conditions, it is necessary to promote and practice of hand washing at HH, communities and schools level.
Today is Global Hand Washing Day. This year's theme is 'Clean Hands - A Recipe for Health'.
If washing day at home is a regular routine for you, get ready to replace it with something you can actually enjoy.
LAHORE -- Plan International Pakistan in collaboration with HUD and PHED organised Global Hand Washing Day and project completion ceremony of 'Scaling up PATS in Punjab' on Tuesday in Lahore.The event was attended by children, policy makers, senior government officials and civil society to mark the 8th commemoration of the event.
The minister said that it was appreciable to organize such an enthusiastic event of Global Hand Washing Day through collaborative of Plan International Pakistan in order to address a challenging issue.
October 15 is celebrated as Global Hand Washing Day annually, to encourage better hygiene by encouraging people to wash their hands.