(wŏsh′măn′, -mən, wôsh′-)
Variant of washerman.
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Garcia Mendez tambien cuestiona la "desproporcionada indemnizacion" de 90 millones de dolares que Azcarraga Jean le pago a Laura Azcarraga Washman y a Fernando Diez Barroso para que le permitieran tener el control accionario del consorcio.
The WashMan mobile, self-contained wash pad that collects and stores wastewater during industrial car and truck cleaning operations, developed by Morclean, utilizes Alcryn melt-processible rubber which acts as a protective coating to provide a critical barrier between the potential pollutants and the environment.
The Washman will put a stylish spin on a dreaded chore with an award-winning washer and dryer