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 (wŏsh′tŭb′, wôsh′-)
A tub used for washing clothes.


(Furniture) a tub or large container used for washing anything, esp clothes


(ˈwɒʃˌtʌb, ˈwɔʃ-)

a tub for use in washing clothes, linens, etc.


A circular sheet metal tub about two feet in diameter that was primarily used for washing clothes. It was also used by children as a bathtub, and for catching and holding rainwater running off the house roof.
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Noun1.Washtub - a tub in which clothes or linens can be washedwashtub - a tub in which clothes or linens can be washed
tub, vat - a large open vessel for holding or storing liquids


[ˈwɒʃtʌb] N (= container) → tina f de lavar; (= bath) → bañera f


[ˈwɒʃˌtʌb] ntinozza per il bucato
References in classic literature ?
The stove was very large, with bright nickel trimmings, and behind it there was a long wooden bench against the wall, and a tin washtub, into which grandmother poured hot and cold water.
That's where she spent her time over the washtub scrubbing people's dirty clothes.
But now for two months, she had had rheumatism in her arms, and was obliged to let the washtub alone.
True, it was only a common washtub that she placed on the kitchen floor and filled by hand; but it was a luxury that had taken her twenty-four years to achieve.
One cook lost a young 'un last week,--got drownded in a washtub, while she was a hangin' out the clothes,--and I reckon it would be well enough to set her to raisin' this yer.
Also, on each landing there is a medley of boxes, chairs, and dilapidated wardrobes; while the windows have had most of their panes shattered, and everywhere stand washtubs filled with dirt, litter, eggshells, and fish-bladders.
But there wan't no romance floating around in dishpans and washtubs, or in factories and hash-joints.
He poked around in the cellar until he found an old washtub.
In the summer we sometimes planned ahead by pumping a washtub of water in the morning and letting it sit in the hot sun all day.
As my painting outfit and epidermis absorbed most of the gallon of paint, my dear wife could complain only of the dent I had put in her washtub.
The Rhythm Makers consist of Ragtime Kit on steel guitar and lead vocals, Washrag Joe on washtub bass and banjo, and Washboard Willis on, you guessed it, the washboard.