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 (wŏsh′ŭp′, wôsh′-)
The act or action of washing clean.


or wash′-up`,

1. an act of washing, esp. of the face and hands.
2. a place, as a bathroom, for washing.
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Noun1.washup - the act of washing yourself (or another person)washup - the act of washing yourself (or another person)
cleaning, cleansing, cleanup - the act of making something clean; "he gave his shoes a good cleaning"
lavation, washing, wash - the work of cleansing (usually with soap and water)
shower, shower bath - washing yourself by standing upright under water sprayed from a nozzle; "he took a shower after the game"
bath - you soak and wash your body in a bathtub; "he has a good bath every morning"
sponge bath - you wash your body with a sponge or washcloth instead of in a bathtub
steam bath, Turkish bath, vapor bath, vapour bath - you sweat in a steam room before getting a rubdown and cold shower
2.washup - the act of washing disheswashup - the act of washing dishes    
lavation, washing, wash - the work of cleansing (usually with soap and water)
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The Laundry WashUp project, which supports individuals and families in need by providing the funds and items necessary to wash and dry clothes, will take place from 10am to 1pm on Saturday at Fast Wash Laundromat on 1904 Hemphill St.
BluePrint offers a comprehensive range of dampening and washup solutions for sheetfed offset presses and has a particularly innovative approach to environmentally friendly products.
Complementary consumables from the Saphira range, such as blankets, coatings, and washup and dampening solutions, are also available.
In my lifetime, I want to see Coventry recognised as being the beating heart of creativity in the UK but when our local politicians don't even show up to debate a bill being passed through parliament in the washup (the Digital Economy Bill) that will only suppress the rights of young creative individuals even more than they already are.
Ladybug diversity and survival at washups, as well as washup size and frequency were studied to help understand why these events occur.
The company has teamed up with Jobcentre Plus in Evesham to hold an open day next Monday, 1pm to 8pm, to meet people interested in the vacancies as print assistants, washup operators, slitters, laminators, plate mounters, stores personnel, engineers, lab technicians, customer service staff, planning and logistics assistants, management accountants and human resources administrators.
He cites Unilever's Dove as successfully moving from its "functional" heritage to incorporate a health and beauty element into its brand: "It chose to get out of washup soap and go for the health and beauty market, which is stretching the brand in a strategic way versus a variant way.
The press includes programmable washup and remote diagnostics.
Nietzsche's theoretical "down-going" (Untergehen) on metaphysical enterprise and Hegel's expression of the "dialectical overcoming" (Aufhebung), the sublative spirit which strives for the Absolute, that forges the subject in History, have doubtless exerted a critical influence on readings of culture, particularly in the political and theoretical washup of the sixties.
It is said to be nonflammable, odor- and color-free and to contain no silicones so that products can be painted, printed, or metallized without costly washup.
A quick washup and then down for a snack at three o'clock on the terrace overlooking the lake, the scene of so much of Jesus' early manhood.
Usually the best bet when space is really tight is the largest single-bowl sink that will fit, which allows easy washup of large kettles and pans.