wasp's nest

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Noun1.wasp's nest - habitation for wasps or hornetswasp's nest - habitation for wasps or hornets  
nidus - a nest in which spiders or insects deposit their eggs
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The whole house had something of an egg shape; and it half hung, half stood in that steep, hillside thicket, like a wasp's nest in a green hawthorn.
Perry was much interested in the unique habitation, which resembled nothing so much as a huge wasp's nest built around the bole of a tree well above the ground.
We took our last look at the city, clinging like a whitewashed wasp's nest to the hill-side, and at eight o'clock in the morning departed.
A popular theatre director was fatally stung after he attempted to remove a wasp's nest from the roof of his home.
| The Wasp's Nest, Calvert's Lane Just a stone's throw away is this quirky micropub.
"We had an elderly customer a few weeks back who was cutting his hedge and he didn't realise there was a wasp's nest in it, when he disturbed it he got stung 11 times.
Examination of the carburetor revealed its venturi contained a golf ball-sized wasp's nest that was partially blocking the carburetor air inlet.
The EU is like a giant wasp's nest ready to sting anyone who disturbs it.
The possum was pregnant and shaped like a wasp's nest. Buzzed as
That means using kosher ink, made from the crushed outer bark of a wasp's nest, a quill made from a turkey or goose feather, and cloth made from a calf killed for food.
* The Wasp's Nest, Mirfield: This 1960s pub has a range of seven cask ales, which should ensure at least one will suit your taste