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1. Of, relating to, or suggestive of a wasp.
2. Easily irritated or annoyed; irascible.
3. Indicative of irritation, annoyance, or spite: a waspish remark.

wasp′ish·ly adv.
wasp′ish·ness n.
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بِشَراسَه، بصورةٍ لاذِعَه
huysuzcaters ters


[ˈwɒspɪʃlɪ] ADV [remark] → mordazmente
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[ˈwɒspɪʃlɪ] adv (comment) → astiosamente
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(wosp) noun (abbreviation)
White Anglo-Saxon Protestant; a term used critically (often by minority groups) to refer to the members of the privileged upper middle class in the USA.
Waspish adjective
a Waspish neighborhood.
ˈwaspish adjective
(of a person) unpleasant in manner, temper etc. a nasty, waspish young woman.
ˈwaspishly adverb
ˈwaspishness noun
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Cooke described 'An Artistic Odyssey' as "a waspishly amusing and artfully rendered tale of modern mores and flawed feminism....
Dyson's book is waspishly witty, and packed with nostalgic fun.
Sadly, and waspishly, it is the 'should' rut they bask in.
This week we have the Sampdoria president Massimo Ferrero waspishly displaying his anger over Inter Milan's Indonesian owner Erik Thohar referring him to as 'that Filipino' in what was clearly a collective and derogatory snipe at orientals.
ere is operatic vocal power from Julia Gambit as the Abbess and Paul Bennett is very entertaining as the waspishly camp Max Detweiler.
When the producers of the comedy film The Hangover II wanted to show a character's social ineptitude and snobbery, they had him carry a knockoff Louis Vuitton bag and waspishly object, mispronouncing the brand name, when his friend touched the bag.
Davey Leen of Ormesby added waspishly: "I remember he came to Boro for a book signing and sources in the club said he had nothing good to say about the club and he stated publicly he would "walk barefoot" back - to Sunderland not Boro!
The coup came three years after the ferment and revolution that swept Europe in 1848, and, as Bagehot waspishly noted, after the new drafts of constitutions and parliaments, the dreams and slogans all followed by the inevitable counterrevolutions, all that remained was a parliament in Sardinia.
Getting on behind him, I hissed "apres vous monsieur" as waspishly as I could.
She talks (at times quite waspishly) about learning from and collaborating with Quirey, meeting other dance historians such as Melusine Wood, Cyril Beaumont, and Karl Heinz Taubert, and forming the Domenico Dance Ensemble, an early-dance company.
Mother Superior now loses her temper and waspishly retorts that there's no need to go to such extremes, Paolina must learn not to exaggerate or else she's a prevaricator.