wasps' nest

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Noun1.wasps' nest - habitation for wasps or hornetswasps' nest - habitation for wasps or hornets  
nidus - a nest in which spiders or insects deposit their eggs
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Last night I went with Judy to water the cows and in the spruce bush we found a WASPS' NEST and Judy thought it was AN OLD ONE and she POKED IT WITH A STICK.
So, setting about it as methodically as men might smoke out a wasps' nest, the Martians spread this strange stifling vapour over the Londonward country.
I love to "sit at ease and look down upon the wasps' nest beneath;" to listen to the dull murmur of the human tide ebbing and flowing ceaselessly through the narrow streets and lanes below.
Bob knew, directly he saw a bird's egg, whether it was a swallow's, or a tomtit's, or a yellow-hammer's; he found out all the wasps' nests, and could set all sort of traps; he could climb the trees like a squirrel, and had quite a magical power of detecting hedgehogs and stoats; and he had courage to do things that were rather naughty, such as making gaps in the hedgerows, throwing stones after the sheep, and killing a cat that was wandering incognito .
He explained that every year each wasps' nest produces hundreds of queen wasps.
A client found a wasps' nest in his garden recently and noticed they were bigger - and more bad tempered - than most wasps.
He worries about his sick new-born brother, he worries about how his parents are coping, he worries about the odd visions he sees in his dreams and now he has a new worry to add to the list, the wasps' nest that has appeared outside his house.
A HOMEOWNER who tried to get rid of a wasps' nest ended up having to be rescued by firefighters.
Almost half of Britons (43 per cent) have found a wasps' nest in their home, according to research by the AA.
A HOUSEHOLDER who tried to smoke out a wasps' nest in his shed sparked a blaze.
"Finding a wasps' nest can be very unpleasant and indeed frightening.