waste of money

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Noun1.waste of money - money spent for inadequate returnwaste of money - money spent for inadequate return; "the senator said that the project was a waste of money"
waste, wastefulness, dissipation - useless or profitless activity; using or expending or consuming thoughtlessly or carelessly; "if the effort brings no compensating gain it is a waste"; "mindless dissipation of natural resources"
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It was sheer waste of money. Emma took far too much upon herself.
"That will be a very silly waste of money," said Madame de Bellegarde.
Pearce says you're going to give me some to wear in bed at night different to what I wear in the daytime; but it do seem a waste of money when you could get something to show.
One member has said that it's a waste of money and time.
So if you are really concerned about a waste of money then go and see the source of the problem, your MP, but I would not hold your breath.
Kay Almeida told the council: "What a joke and an absolute waste of money. This is not needed.
FLOOBEELOO What a waste of money. This looks like a white elephant in the making.
Peter Franks replied to a fan excited about Saturday's concert in Manchester by saying: "Good luck she mimed all the way throughout the show @ britneyspears waste of money."
"Now we know why Duterte said that it was a waste of money. This is because he and his administration have no coherent plans of defending the Philippine Republic from Chinese aggression," Custodio said.
He said: "He's completed the requirements of that sentence so it would be a colossal waste of money.
Ricardo Jennings: "What a disgraceful waste of money and what hideous additions to our beautiful town centre - none of these will enhance the town at all.
Andy Watts IT'S an awful waste of money and a real eyesore.