waste of money

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Noun1.waste of money - money spent for inadequate returnwaste of money - money spent for inadequate return; "the senator said that the project was a waste of money"
waste, wastefulness, dissipation - useless or profitless activity; using or expending or consuming thoughtlessly or carelessly; "if the effort brings no compensating gain it is a waste"; "mindless dissipation of natural resources"
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Plornish, having been made acquainted with the cause of action from the Defendant's own mouth, gave Arthur to understand that the Plaintiff was a 'Chaunter'--meaning, not a singer of anthems, but a seller of horses--and that he (Plornish) considered that ten shillings in the pound 'would settle handsome,' and that more would be a waste of money.
That will be a very silly waste of money," said Madame de Bellegarde.
Pearce says you're going to give me some to wear in bed at night different to what I wear in the daytime; but it do seem a waste of money when you could get something to show.
Ricardo Jennings: "What a disgraceful waste of money and what hideous additions to our beautiful town centre - none of these will enhance the town at all.
Andy Watts IT'S an awful waste of money and a real eyesore.
The results of a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll showed that in the state heavily affected by illegal immigration, 47 per cent thought it was a waste of money compared to 34 per cent who thought it would be an effective barrier.
But Sinn Fein Seeley councillor and Deputy Lord Mayor Catherine Seeley said they were a waste of money, especially so as there is an abundance of robes left over from the previous merger of the councils.
If this then leads to world-wide de-commissioning of all fossil fuel/nuclear power plants, I don't think anyone could then class the LHC as a waste of money.
I was also accused of stifling human curiosity by shouting my mouth off saying it was a waste of money.
These elections are a phenomenal waste of money at a time when the police forces are facing significant cuts.
This waste of money is a disgrace, worse than the cost of Peter Mandelson having Special Branch protection after his limited stint in Northern Ireland when he was as much a danger to the IRA as David Cameron is to Gordon Brown.
FORMULA One could become a billion-dollar waste of money next season, according to team bosses.