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Discarded paper.


(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) paper discarded after use


(ˈweɪstˌpeɪ pər)

paper discarded as useless.


[ˈweɪstˌpeɪpəʳ] ncartaccia
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How the other pen found its way into the bowl instead of the fireplace or wastepaper basket I can't imagine, but there the two were, lying side by side, both encrusted with ink and completely undistinguishable from each other.
Telegrams followed, which he threw into the wastepaper basket.
He did not recognize his room, looking up from the ground, at the bent legs of the table, at the wastepaper basket, and the tiger-skin rug.
Vesey from Blackwater Park, it was given to me without the envelope, which had been thrown into the wastepaper basket, and long since destroyed.
A thrilled Khadijah Mellah after winning the Magnolia Cup and making history as the first woman to race-ride in Britain wearing a hijab The thing is, if he hadn't won one he'd be crying and kicking the wastepaper basket and the cat would be in trouble!
The service that is the subject of the contract includes the following basic services: sweeping and weeding / road scrapping, collection and transport of solid urban waste and assimilated waste (including those collected in differentiated form) and transfer to the final destination or treatment facilities, facility management and logistics related to the collection phase, emptying of wastepaper baskets, collection of hazardous urban waste (drugs, battery-cells, t / f, paints, etc.).
Many different insects flew And crawled about with derringdo, Robert felt a great sense of doubt, "What on earth is all this about?" When he got home he felt quite bleak: It was that time slot of the week For him to put his washing in And empty the wastepaper bin.
The halt on China's imports of wastepaper and plastic that has disrupted U.S.
"Despite the policy uncertainty on wastepaper imports in China and some weakness in our Wood Processing capital business in North America, we are encouraged by our solid start to 2019," management said.
Five students from the Higher College of Technology (HCT) in Al Khuwayr have developed wastepaper pulp which can be used for insulation purposes in construction of buildings.
And he asked me: Is there a wastepaper basket in the library?
The pocket-sized games included blowing a marble through a minuscule Marble Arch in a single breath, flicking fake news into a wastepaper bin in a tiny Oval Office and using a straw to put five grains of corn into a pocketsized barn.