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Noun1.Watch case - the metal case in which the works of a watch are housedwatch case - the metal case in which the works of a watch are housed
case - a portable container for carrying several objects; "the musicians left their instrument cases backstage"
watch, ticker - a small portable timepiece
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Besides, the ability of bronze cases to develop a patina (due to oxidation) over time ensured that watch case would age differently.
It also features a 42mm diameter circular watch case, is waterproof to 30m and it has a dial design that recalls dashboard instruments of vintage sports cars.
The model has a double bridge that is engraved with the pattern found on the 1000 Miglia watch case. It features a geometric tip with a matte finish and rubberised rings that resemble the mechanical gaskets used in racing cars.
For now, we'll have to wait on the court's ruling to know how this Apple Watch case ends.
His property was later returned to his family and these included a watch case with photo; a diary; a set of cuff links; two brooches; a ring; a razor in a case; a matchbox cover; writing pads, letters and cards; two drawing books; a fountain pen; two handkerchiefs and a tin containing a photo and paint brush.
The watch case diameter Among the most noticeable features of any watch is the size of the dial case.
Regardless of how we describe the Red Magic watch, this much is true: The watchmaker has taken its philosophy of fusion--representing a bold combination of materials and alloys--to a new extreme with this world first, a 45 mm watch case and bezel made entirely of red ceramic.
In addition, Hublot has refined all the procedures necessary to produce every component of the watch case from this special material.
-- ANPASSA's Ultra Thin Ladies' Tourbillon Watch has an ultra-thin 8.1mm tourbillon, a handcrafted watch case adorned with 18K white gold and natural diamonds, as well as a delicate movement, all showing superb craftsmanship.
The design of the watch case is enhanced by the harmonious blend of polished and satin-brushed finishes, "striking a powerful contrast and giving character to the timepiece", the statement notes.
The sides of the watch case carry over the Mustang theme.