watch pocket

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watch′ pock`et

a small pocket in a garment, as in a vest, for holding a pocket watch, change, etc. Compare fob 1 (def. 1).
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: pocket - a vest pocket to hold a pocket watchwatch pocket - a vest pocket to hold a pocket watch
vest pocket - a small pocket in a man's vest
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"The Story of Jules Verne: A Watch Pocket Dog" by Wisconsin author and artist Wayne Caldwell Simmons brings together in a single 100-page volume a series of superbly written and intensely personal stories of his association with a seemingly rather ordinary and unimpressive canine foundling that grew to be an extraordinary and genuinely impressive hunting dog.
TLevi Strauss originally added it as a watch pocket for cowboys before wristwatches were in common use, and it has also been used for tickets, matches, coins, condoms and other items.
The ODT fits perfectly in the watch pocket of your jeans so there's no clip to clutter things up.
Remember a Speed Strip or Tuff Strip of revolver rounds fits neatly in the watch pocket of your jeans; a spare mag for your pocket-size auto ain't much bigger than a Bic lighter; and a pouch with a magazine or two for your service pistol on the hip opposite your holster will help balance the weight of the sidearm.
aACAyCrazy Rich AsianaACAO fame Henry Golding rocked a dapper custom Ralph Lauren Purple Label velvet tuxedo with white bow tie, black shoes and a vintage watch pocket chain.
It's a little green wonder, and it now rides in my watch pocket to every gun show.
A J-frame revolver's speedloader fits nicely in the business card pocket inside the right front pocket of a sport coat, and the watch pocket in most jeans is just the right size for a Bianchi Speed Strip or a Tuff Strip.
A caption read: "The Watch Pocket - created in 1873.
The owner tucked his or her watch into a special "watch pocket" that was routinely sewn into the clothing of the era.
North American Arms literally created a new category of small arms with their lineup of watch pocket single actions in .22 calibers.
The Levi Strauss website explained it was originally included for pocket watches - no wrist watches in those days - and was called a watch pocket.