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1. or break point A point of discontinuity, change, or cessation.
2. Computers A point in a program at which operation may be interrupted for debugging purposes or manual intervention.
3. break point
a. A situation in tennis in which one more point is needed to break the opponent's serve.
b. The point awarded in such a situation.


(Computer Science) computing
a. an instruction inserted by a debug program causing a return to the debug program
b. the point in a program at which such an instruction operates



a point at which a change can be made.
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The ARM Cortex-M3 processors include sophisticated and flexible debug and monitoring capabilities that software-development tool suppliers use to let engineers trace program flow, set breakpoints, watch variables, and so on.
Source-level debugging lets you watch variables, register contents and so on as a program goes through one line of code at a time.