water clock

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water clock

A clepsydra.

water clock


water glass

(Horology) any of various devices for measuring time that use the escape of water as the motive force

wa′ter clock`

a device, as a clepsydra, for measuring time by the flow of water.
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Noun1.water clock - clock that measures time by the escape of waterwater clock - clock that measures time by the escape of water
clock - a timepiece that shows the time of day
vandens laikodris
zegar wodny
su saati
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These thousand tiny bells quivered for some time with the vibration of the rope, then gradually died away, and finally became silent when the manikin had been brought into a state of immobility by that law of the pendulum which has dethroned the water clock and the hour-glass.
He designed the sundial, water clock and other devices for the king.
Clepsydra: (a) low value (b) trend (c) unsettling (d) water clock 2.
The Ancient Agora Museum in Athens houses a host of artifacts related to Athenian democracy, including a clepsydra, or water clock, which was used to impose time limits on speeches before tribunals and in political discourse in late fifth century B.C.
Finally, hats off to the musical water clock installed in the square basin in which the GA[c]ode sits.
It is probably a verge and foliot clock because it was mounted over the rood screen where refilling a water clock would be extremely difficult.
He also uses a drinking game to test whether it''s possible to create luck, as well as building a water clock and making a coat that doubles as a bed.
But on its own small scale, the water clock is a marvel.
An 11th century Chinese water clock, its gears driven by a steady stream, might lose or gain 10 minutes a day--an accuracy of about a part in 100.
But our favourite was Hunkin's famous water clock at the end of the pier.
Only the timed give and take, right hand and left, the rhythms of the water clock ribs, this free flight of wind, lift of limb, bird wing of breath that chalice and paten the bones, the workaday canvas of harvest and prayer.
One of the focal features of this exhibition is a five-metre-high replica of the 'Elephant Clock'--a visually striking early-13th century water clock, the body of which contains symbols referring different cultures and is featured alongside a short feature film starring Oscar-winning actor Sir Ben Kingsley as Al Jazari, inventor of the clock.