water conservation

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Noun1.water conservation - the conservation of water resources
conservation - the preservation and careful management of the environment and of natural resources
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Households and individuals continue to be PUBs focus at this years Singapores World Water Day (SWWD), as we encourage one and all to adopt water-saving habits and make water conservation a way of life.
There are numerous water conservation practices and technologies available to home irrigation users.
California's urban water conservation strategies, including water recycling, could have an impact on sustainability, but conditions need to be right for them to work, according to new research.
The Project's Water Conservation Scorecard looked at how well utilities comply with state reporting requirements, whether they limit outdoor watering and how much water disappears from their distribution systems.
In recognition of World Water Day, Nestle Waters brought together factory workers and children from the local community in Banha to educate them about the importance of water conservation in Egypt.
The water conservation results were revealed on the eve of today's World Water Day (March 22).
To ensure water conservation behaviors are most effective, agricultural communicators can select a target audience and then appeal to that selected audience by understanding how they think and developing approaches that will influence individuals with specific characteristics, such as their critical thinking styles (Monaghan, Ott, Wilbur, Gouldthorpe, & Racevskis, 2013).
Underlining the significance of water conservation in view of decreasing per capita water availability in the country, the Minister said that there is a need to make judicious and efficient use of available water resources.
All water conservation efforts depend on public awareness and an understanding of the need for conservation.
Water conservation can be seen as a supplemental or even an alternative strategy for meeting water needs.
Summary: To mark World Water Day, Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi is planting the seeds of water conservation awareness among Abu Dhabi's schoolchildren by taking fundraisers 
from Aldar Academy's Pearl Primary School on an educational tour of the park's water conservation system.
EEG held its 2nd community lecture on water conservation in line with the UN development programme and Coca-Cola's Every Drop Matters project.