water deer

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Noun1.Water deer - largest chevrotainwater deer - largest chevrotain; of marshy areas of west Africa
chevrotain, mouse deer - very small hornless deer-like ruminant of tropical Asia and west Africa
genus Hyemoschus, Hyemoschus - water chevrotains
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The Norfolk Broads is home to a quarter of the UK's rarest wildlife, which includes marsh harriers, Chinese water deer, otters, water voles, and common cranes.
In addition to leopard cats, the exhibition will also show specimens or records of animals that share the same environment as leopard cats, including the masked palm civet, crab-eating mongoose, Chinese ferret-badger, as well as animals that are already extinct from the island, such as the clouded leopard, Formosan sika deer, and Chinese Water Deer.
"We have some of the largest red stag, the world record Chinese water deer, the Muntjac.
Such teeth remain today in Chinese water deer (Hydropotes inermis), which have been known to maim dogs when attacked.
Earth's Endangered Creatures website (www.earthsendangered.com) lists the Asiatic Black Bear, Chinese Water Deer, Japanese Crane and North Pacific Whale as among many endangered species of animals.
Only red and roe deer are native - there are also fallow, sika, muntjac and Chinese water deer. However, fallow, roe and muntjac are the species most likely to be encountered in gardens, according to the British Deer Society (BDS).
Fallow deer were introduced by the Normans for hunting purposes, while Chinese water deer, sikas and muntjacs are descendants of imported ornamental deer which have escaped from parks during the past 150 years.
Later in the week, Lolo Williams is on the trail of Water Deer, an animal that looks like a sabre-tooth teddy bear.
This communication reports some evidence of the reintroduced Chinese water deer surviving in the Nanhui Wildlife Sanctuary, Shanghai, China.
phagocytophilum in 2.6% (5/196) of striped field mice (7,8) and in 63.6% (42/66) of Korean water deer (9).
In addition to roebuck and muntjac, fallow deer are widespread, and there are scattered populations of red deer, sika deer and Chinese water deer.