water dog

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water dog

1. A dog that takes easily to the water, especially one trained for hunting waterfowl.
2. Informal A person who feels at home in or on the water.
3. often wa·ter·dog (wô′tər-dôg′, -dŏg′, wŏt′ər-)
a. See mudpuppy.
b. A larval tiger salamander.
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water dog



1. (Breeds) a dog trained to hunt in water
2. informal a dog or person who enjoys going in or on the water
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wa′ter dog`

1. a hunting dog trained to retrieve waterfowl.
2. Informal. a person who feels at home in or on the water.


(ˈwɔ tərˌdɔg, -ˌdɒg, ˈwɒt ər-)

any of several large salamanders, esp. of the genus Necturus, as the mudpuppy.
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Noun1.water dog - a person who enjoys being in or on the water
crewman, sailor - any member of a ship's crew
2.water dog - a dog accustomed to water and usually trained to retrieve waterfowlwater dog - a dog accustomed to water and usually trained to retrieve waterfowl
gun dog, sporting dog - a dog trained to work with sportsmen when they hunt with guns
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perro de agua
chien d'eau
cane d'acqua
vandens šuo
pies dowodnypies wodny
cão d'águacão de água
câine de apă
References in classic literature ?
Buck did not read the newspapers, or he would have known that trouble was brewing, not alone for himself, but for every tide- water dog, strong of muscle and with warm, long hair, from Puget Sound to San Diego.
A brown, breezy man, in a blue jacket, with no hat on the curly head, which he shook now and then like a water dog; broad-shouldered, alert in his motions, and with a general air of strength and stability about him which pleased Rose, though she could not explain the feeling of comfort it gave her.
4 PORTUGUESE water dog Bo (pictured) made himself at home at the White House with US President Barack Obama and his family.
She was a member of the Mini-Cooper Club of America and was active in the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Greater Chicago.
First bred in Germany as a water dog, which dog is the national dog of France?
The Boykin, state dog of its native South Carolina, is one of the smallest of the retrievers but is a born water dog. The Boykin is known for its curly coat, and its size and friendly personality make it a good companion for children.
When Thomas Stockham founded ExpertVoice in 2010, he did so with his Japanese Water Dog, Blue, in mind, says McKay Orton, community manager and social media strategist at ExpertVoice.
Well, no problem, I had a water dog, at that point proven by fetching dummies in the swimming pool.
5 New model This year will see the debut of the Barbet breed - a French water dog that dates back to the 14th century, considered the ancestor of the Poodle.
They're the Barbet, a water dog, and a type of gun dog, the Braque D'Auvergne.