water fountain

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wa′ter foun`tain

a drinking fountain.
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Noun1.water fountain - a public fountain to provide a jet of drinking waterwater fountain - a public fountain to provide a jet of drinking water
fountain - a structure from which an artificially produced jet of water arises
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Sharjah: The water fountain at Khor Fakkan has undergone development works costing Dh500,000, the Directorate of Public Works in Sharjah revealed.
The SkySwing offers spectacular views of the Global Village's pavilions and the amazing musical water fountain, all while being suspended 60 metres in the air.
com)-- Water Fountain Place, an ecommerce store specializing in water fountains and fountain accessories, issues an important reminder about regular cleaning for all indoor and outdoor water fountains.
AUSTRALIAN archaeologists have announced the end of their excavations in Nea Paphos uncovering more of the mediaeval walls built on top of an ancient theatre, and exploring a water fountain a stone's throw away.
They were designed as a feature that doubled up as a water fountain and a road safety barrier.
took bows at the unveiling of their new, state-of-the-art water fountain for the disabled.
Now France is giving it a try: Paris has just installed its first sparkling water fountain, and if it catches on, will install more.
She described the preschool before the renovation, We had outdated bathrooms and the only water fountain for the children was actually located inside the bathroom.
Thermos, the iconic manufacturer of insulated beverage bottles, is helping out by bringing back the water fountain with its new, free iPhone application "OasisPlaces.
A MULTI-millionaire friend and adviser to PM David Cameron yesterday put up a reward for the return of his pounds 150,000 antique water fountain.
The Kailash Mains pipeline sprung a water fountain near the Nizamuddin Bridge and flooded the road.
One of the safest water features is a bubble water fountain.