water gate

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water gate

1. See floodgate.
2. A gate, as in a fortification, that allows access to those traveling by boat.
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water gate

1. (Civil Engineering) a gate in a canal, leat, etc that can be opened or closed to control the flow of water
2. (Civil Engineering) a gate through which access may be gained to a body of water
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wa′ter gate`

2. a gateway leading to the edge of a body of water, as at a landing.


(ˈwɔ tərˌgeɪt, ˈwɒt ər-)

1. a political scandal during the 1972 presidential campaign, arising from a break-in at Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate building complex in Washington, D.C., and culminating in the resignation of President Nixon.
2. any scandal involving corruption and other abuses of power, and an attempt to conceal these activities from the public.
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Noun1.water gate - regulator consisting of a valve or gate that controls the rate of water flow through a sluicewater gate - regulator consisting of a valve or gate that controls the rate of water flow through a sluice
regulator - any of various controls or devices for regulating or controlling fluid flow, pressure, temperature, etc.
sluice, sluiceway, penstock - conduit that carries a rapid flow of water controlled by a sluicegate
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The sentinel at the water gate was bribed with a bag containing ten livres weight of gold; and as far as the two gondoliers, they believed they were serving the Republic.
In 2001 we opted to access the castle from the Water Gate which involved a flight of 108 steps.
The flood alleviation work involved building 66 log and brash leaky dams, planting a further 850 trees, undertaking 0.5ha of woodland management, building a 20m-long log revetment - using timber to prevent bank erosion and installing 200m of fenceline and a water gate to protect the new trees from nearby grazing stock.
Even though the water gate is set automatically to open based on water level, it is possible to operate the gate manually from the district office if required.
Bernama's checks found that chemical residues from plastic and tyre recycling activities were discharged into drains until the water turned black and smelly, while drains were found to be connected to the water gate at the nearby fishing jetty.
Authorities have closed the water gate, so the river currently does not flow through the waterways originating from the Kulen Mountain as it did previously.
6 water gate on Sep 30, 2009, could not be identified after no identity documents were found and a fingerprint collection and reviews of surveillance footage produced no results.
Visualize a Venice version of an oriental water gate opening in front of your eyes while strolling down the historical streets of Tai'erzhuang.
Start at the seventh century Hanging Church, which is said to "hang" over the original water gate of Roman Babylon.
There have been no scandals like that of 'water gate', 'Monica Lewinsky' and the dodgy dossier on Iraq's WMD etc.
Tickets can be bought at the marina water gate in each of the locations for QR25 one way, according to QTA's Festivals and Tourism Events director Mashal Shahbik.