water main

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water main

A principal pipe in a system of pipes for conveying water, especially one installed underground.

water main

(Civil Engineering) a principal supply pipe in an arrangement of pipes for distributing water

wa′ter main`

conduit in a system for conveying water.
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Noun1.water main - main (a pipe or conduit) for conveying waterwater main - main (a pipe or conduit) for conveying water
main - a principal pipe in a system that distributes water or gas or electricity or that collects sewage
water supply, water system, water - a facility that provides a source of water; "the town debated the purification of the water supply"; "first you have to cut off the water"
أنبوب الماء الرَّئيسي
vízvezetéki fõ nyomócsõ
stór vatnsleiîsla, aîalæî
hlavný prívod vody
ana su borusu

water main

nconduttura dell'acqua


(ˈwoːtə) noun
a colourless, transparent liquid compound of hydrogen and oxygen, having no taste or smell, which turns to steam when boiled and to ice when frozen. She drank two glasses of water; `Are you going swimming in the sea?' `No, the water's too cold'; Each bedroom in the hotel is supplied with hot and cold running water; (also adjective) The plumber had to turn off the water supply in order to repair the pipe; transport by land and water.
1. to supply with water. He watered the plants.
2. (of the mouth) to produce saliva. His mouth watered at the sight of all the food.
3. (of the eyes) to fill with tears. The dense smoke made his eyes water.
ˈwaters noun plural
a body of water such as the sea, a river etc. the stormy waters of the bay.
ˈwatery adjective
1. like water; diluted. a watery fluid.
2. (of eyes) full of fluid eg because of illness, cold winds etc.
3. (of a colour) pale. eyes of a watery blue.
ˈwateriness noun

water boatman

a water insect with oarlike back legs that propel it through the water.
ˈwaterborne adjective
carried or transmitted by water. Typhoid is a waterborne disease.
ˈwater-closet noun
(abbreviation WC (dabljuˈsiː) ) a lavatory.
ˈwater-colour noun
a type of paint which is thinned with water instead of with oil.
ˈwatercress noun
a herb which grows in water and is often used in salads.
ˈwaterfall noun
a natural fall of water from a height such as a rock or a cliff.
ˈwaterfowl noun or noun plural
a bird or birds which live on or beside water.
ˈwaterfront noun
that part of a town etc which faces the sea or a lake. He lives on the waterfront.
ˈwaterhole noun
a spring or other place where water can be found in a desert or other dry country. The elephant drank from the waterhole.
ˈwatering-can noun
a container used when watering plants.
water level
the level of the surface of a mass of water. The water level in the reservoir is sinking/rising.
ˈwaterlilyplural ˈwaterlilies noun
a water plant with broad flat floating leaves.
ˈwaterlogged adjective
(of ground) soaked in water.
water main
a large underground pipe carrying a public water supply.
a type of melon with green skin and red flesh.
ˈwaterproof adjective
not allowing water to soak through. waterproof material.
a coat made of waterproof material. She was wearing a waterproof.
to make (material) waterproof.
ˈwatershed noun
an area of high land from which rivers flow in different directions into different basins.
ˈwater-skiing noun
the sport of skiing on water, towed by a motor-boat.
ˈwater-ski verb
ˈwatertight adjective
made in such a way that water cannot pass through.
water vapour
water in the form of a gas, produced by evaporation.
ˈwaterway noun
a channel, eg a canal or river, along which ships can sail.
ˈwaterwheel noun
a wheel moved by water to work machinery etc.
ˈwaterworks noun singular or plural
a place in which water is purified and stored before distribution to an area.
hold water
to be convincing. His explanation won't hold water.
in(to) deep water
in(to) trouble or danger. I got into deep water during that argument.
water down
to dilute. This milk has been watered down.
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He had been consumed with thirst until he found one of the water mains near the railway arch smashed, and the water bubbling out like a spring upon the road.
Tenders are invited for project consists of two parts: part a is the construction of interior water mains consisting of 8" and 6" diameter di water mains along with fire hydrants, valves, and other appurtenances; and part b is the construction of off-site water mains consisting of 12" di water main along with valves, air release valve & manhole, and other appurtenances.
Eugene Water & Electric Board officials on Sunday issued a "boil water" notice to about 117 customers after a water main broke on West 28th Avenue between Chambers and Garfield streets.
com)-- Balkan Plumbing sewer and water main specialists announced today that the company has acquired the client base of R.
water main design project in the city of Garland, TX.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 9, 2012-Iowa American Water completes USD2m of water main upgrade projects in Iowa Quad Cities(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
FLOODING has damaged four floors of a Coventry block of flats following a burst water main.
A WATER main which has burst five times in two years is to be replaced - possibly within months.
A burst water main left a Tyneside street under 2ft of water.
Crews repaired a broken water main in Van Nuys Wednesday morning, leaving 30 residents without water for six hours.
From 2000 to 2005, a total of 239,951 metres of water main were upgraded in North Wales; 512,211 metres in West Wales; 495,196 metres in Herefordshire; 304,166 metres in Gwent; 220,929 metres in Cardiff and mid Cynon areas; and 457,547 metres in the Vale and Gower areas.
Replacement of about 4000' of water main on Bay Blvd.