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Noun1.water program - making an area of water more usefulwater program - making an area of water more useful
exploitation, development - the act of making some area of land or water more profitable or productive or useful; "the development of Alaskan resources"; "the exploitation of copper deposits"
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Through the EPA Urban Water Program, funds will be used to assess the quality of the water and the impact of the debris within the urban watershed of the 97-square-mile estuary.
The City of Elizabeth is providing transportation for the participants from their Recreation program to the Safety Around Water program, taught by staff members of The Gateway Family YMCA.
This came when General, Saleh met, Sunday, at the Republican Palace, the Wali (governor) of East Darfur State, Anas Omer who said in a press statement that the projects include water program which is sponsored by the Presidency in addition to building of ministries, institutions, water harvest, electricity and roads projects .
Most private well programs are voluntary and require strong outreach activities to encourage well owners to monitor the safety of their drinking water and accept water program ser vices offered by the local health department.
Procter and Gamble (P&G) announced today that its Children's Safe Drinking Water Program (CSDW) has set a goal of 15 billion liters of clean drinking water to be delivered by 2020 to reduce illness caused by contaminated water and help save lives in developing countries.
One example of bringing it to life is through our Children's Safe Drinking Water Program," said Mr.
16 (Saba)- The German government has approved to provide an additional funding of five million euro for an emergency water program in Yemen, an official said on Sunday.
Many of those youngsters will again be jumping in the water as part of the city's Wheels to Water program, now in its fifth year.
Procter and Gamble has achieved a milestone in its efforts to save lives through the Children's Safe Drinking Water Program.
On behalf of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fE-r Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the German-Jordanian Water Program "Management of Water Resources" held, on Sunday, a roundtable discussion on establishing a risk monitoring and management system for the use of reclaimed water in agriculture in Jordan,
s (P&G's) Pantene brand has established a charitable partnership with the P&G Children's Safe Drinking Water program (CSDW).
The researchers suggest that the water program was very beneficial to children, who at the onset of the study would have become overweight