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Noun1.water project - making an area of water more usefulwater project - making an area of water more useful
exploitation, development - the act of making some area of land or water more profitable or productive or useful; "the development of Alaskan resources"; "the exploitation of copper deposits"
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They include the Lugari-Musembe Water Project at Chekalini in Lugari subcounty, Lwakhupa in Navakholo, Khuvasali in Malava, Nandamaywa in Shinyalu subcounty and Nandamaywa in Ikolomani.
"The project of water supply to Khodafarin Dam with $71 million investment was the third border water project that was inaugurated," he indicated.
HODEIDAH, Yemen, 7th August, 2019 (WAM) -- The UAE, through its humanitarian arm, the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, today launched a strategic water project in Qataba in the Khawkhah District, Hodeidah Governorate, as part of its efforts to respond to the needs of people in Yemen's Red Sea Coast.
The ambitious water project at Abom market involves an extension pipeline of 4.8km and water tanks that will provide more than 2,400 residents with clean drinking water.
[01/May/2019] MAHWEET, May 1 (Saba) - Governor of Mahweet Faisal Haidar and Director General of the Rural Water Projects Authority Adel Bader inaugurated Wednesday the water project of Naaman Dam in the center of Jabal Al-Mahweet.
Oman Power and Water Procurement Co (OPWP) is planning the development of a surface water treatment independent water project (IWP) at Wadi Dayqah with a net production capacity of 125,000 cubic meters per day.
The "we" in this case was a group of about two dozen volunteers brought to Honduras by the Sister Water Project of the Sisters of St.
In partnership with the Green Crescent Trust, the i-Care Foundation has launched the Thar Water Project to provide clean water to over 4,000 families in Tharparkar.
'We are committed to this partnership with the EU to work out modalities to ensure that any water project we commission should be able to stand the test of time.
The NWC and the King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Zamzam Water Project urged all pilgrims and visitors not to deal with street vendors and to get the 5-liter Zamzam water bottles from the official sources.
Ang for the speedy completion of the flagship project, the first major water project to be completed and inaugurated under the Duterte administration.