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In work being prepared for publication, Rychlik has found seasonal differences in skull size and body mass in two other members of the red-toothed shrew subfamily: the pygmy shrew (Sorex minutus) and the Eurasian water shrew (Neomys fodiens).
A CURRY house is suing customers whose Facebook claim they found a water shrew in their food was dismissed by inspectors.
The most specialised is the water shrew, which is larger than our other two shrews.
Even the water shrew that hyperactively scampered across the surface was feeding on the prolific hatch.
minutus) 12 0 0 Water shrew (Neomys fodiens) 3 0 0 Total 829 68 294
These include waders such as lapwing, snipe, redshank and curlew, wildfowl such as pink foot and greylag geese, widgeon and teal, and mammals such as otter, water vole and water shrew.
In the East Baltic region, shrews (Soricomorpha: Soricidae) are represented by five species: common shrew (Sorex araneus Linnaeus, 1758), Laxmann's (masked) shrew (Sorex caecutiens Laxmann, 1788), pygmy shrew (Sorex minutus Linnaeus, 1766), least shrew (Sorex minutissimus Zimmermann, 1780), and water shrew (Neomys fodiens (Pennant, 1771)).
According to Jim Patton, a retired University of California Berkeley zoology professor, the tiny gray mammal's movement represents the greatest upward "retraction" of any high major-elevation species, which include the golden-mantled ground squirrel, the Belding ground squirrel, the water shrew, the bushy-tailed woodrat and the American pika.
This pocket of biodiversity is home to 43 species of animals and plants classified by Maryland as rare or endangered, and five considered rare worldwide, including the southern water shrew, mountain earth snake, and the plant Jacob's ladder.
Even less expected was a water shrew right in front of me on the path, the first I have seen here.