water skin

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Noun1.water skin - a container of skin for holding water
skin - a bag serving as a container for liquids; it is made from the hide of an animal
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Drink more water Skin is made up of 64% water so if you're dehydrated it will shrink into its tightest position, appearing dull while causing fine lines and wrinkles to look worse.
Utilise when skin moisturiser- Argan oil from Morocco is definitely most commonly made use of when an epidermis treatment to be able to drink plenty of water skin. As well as its higher vitamin and mineral Electronic along with unsaturated fat substance, argan oil is an ideal merchandise to present skin your trait support.
Only the original photographic works showing the water carriers along with their water containers such as clay pots, water skin bags, buckets, plastic bottles, cans, canisters etc., in a real life setting were accepted for the competition.