water sprout

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wa′ter sprout`

a nonflowering shoot arising from a branch or axil of a tree or shrub.
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A food truck worker, Muhammad Najri Rusyaidie Azri, 18, said he was preparing a customer's order when he saw a water sprout swirled towards the area.
When doing this necessary work take the time to break off every water sprout. Do not cut them off as they will only grow again.
* Prune out water sprouts (vigorous shoots on the inside of the tree and on the trunk) and suckers (vigorous shoots growing from the base of the plant).
Epicormic branches (also called water sprouts) are formed as a response to poor pruning practices, injury, or environmental stress.
The man would tell them stories about Manila, a faraway place where water sprouts from the ground.
Cutting of diseased, weaker branches or water sprouts plug chances of further spread of disease and ensures consumption of food only by fruit producing branches.
Scientists have widely attributed the surreal raining of animals to strong winds, storms and water sprouts sucking up creatures before depositing them further inland.
Pears and apples in particular will respond with a flush of vigorous growth (water sprouts) when pruned aggressively.
Now in an updated second edition, Cass Turnbull's Guide To Pruning is a no-nonsense guide to pruning plants the right way, since the wrong way can lead to "water sprouts" (stringy, hairy twigs that grow straight up on a tree) or other eyesores and disasters.
Bad pruning can do more than produce an unsightly tree: it can lead to water sprouts, diseases, and even death.
Horticulture agent Ross Penhallegon of the Oregon State University/Lane County Extension Service will teach participants how to remove unwanted summer water sprouts or suckers, and methods of keeping the suckers from becoming a major problem in the winter.