water wagon

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wa′ter wag`on

a wagon used to transport water, as in military field operations or on a construction site.
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Water wagon

A wagon carrying a large tank for holding water. Such wagons were used for hauling water to steam-powered threshing machines, and in small towns, for hauling drinking water to individual homes, where it would be stored in a Cistern.
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Noun1.Water wagon - a wagon that carries water (as for troops or work gangs or to sprinkle down dusty dirt roads in the summertime)water wagon - a wagon that carries water (as for troops or work gangs or to sprinkle down dusty dirt roads in the summertime)
waggon, wagon - any of various kinds of wheeled vehicles drawn by an animal or a tractor
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It's me for the water wagon. And I'm goin' to ease down on smokes.
The projects included the drilling of wells, construction of water purification plants, and the establishing of a water wagon network to help carry water to villages and towns from faraway water sources.
For me, a very interesting piece of history came from the KC-135 being called the "water wagon." The KC-135, with 165,000 pounds of fuel, was too heavy for takeoff without water injection into the engines.
Patrons of the pub had come up with a scheme to travel by car in parties, the driver being the unfortunate individual compelled to keep on the 'water wagon.'.
An extra man, a team and a water wagon were needed to haul the 20 or so barrels of water used by the engine every day--and water was scarce in some areas.
“Grey Water Wagon provides effective California Drought relief for parched lawns and Gardens by recycling grey water from the Bathroom and Laundry.
I haul water from our community well six miles away in our "water wagon," an old beater with a military M105 trailer and a 275-gallon tank.
A resident sits on top of a water wagon during a fire at the Mount of Penteli, 22 miles east of Athens, yesterday
But the phrase actually originates in early 20th century America when men and women joining the temperance movement claimed they would rather drink from the water wagon - a horse-drawn vehicle used to dampen down dirt tracks in summer - than touch alcohol.
Other guests and the boss took the water wagon out of the shed to go help them out.
Juxtaposed against the family gloom are bright set pieces that record the weight and wonder of the visual world: the coal truck ("the great smoking avalache of black stone"); the wake of the passing water wagon ("In the raging course of water flowing swiftly along the curb I tossed a Good Humor ice cream stick"); the kids' success in building an igloo (nothing its "structured withdrawal" into the "invited darkness"); the fish store and drug store (the latter with its "large glass jars of red and blue liquid").