(wô′tər-jăk′ĭt, wŏt′ər-)
tr.v. wa·ter-jack·et·ed, wa·ter-jack·et·ing, wa·ter-jack·ets
To encase in or provide with a water jacket.
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A workhorse rheometer for laboratory research and production-floor QC has a brand-new look plus a smaller diameter spindle shaft, smaller water-jacket accessory, and direct control of temperature from the keypad.
Water is a particularly effective insulator, and the water-jacket system is considered a more reliable method of heating in case of a power outage.
Either of these mixers lend themselves well to water-jacket cooling, used to prolong the interval between maintenance.
Re-engineering our automated water-jacket test equipment to accommodate 220Volt, 50Hz power has not been an option for us," said Doug Sagar, president of Hydro-Test Products.
Hydro-Test's cylinder testing products include high-pressure water-jacket test systems for full-size and portable-size cylinders, along with other testing systems, parts and accessories for these and other types of pressurized tanks, low-pressure proof testing gear for fire extinguishers, propane, refrigerant and other devices.
The company offers manual and automated high-pressure water-jacket test systems.
Like many other products with on-board electronics, the automated version of Hydro-Test's high-pressure water-jacket system faces a major obstacle in selling to a large portion of the global market: the nature of power supplied by the country's utility grid.