water power

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water power



1. (Mechanical Engineering) the power latent in a dynamic or static head of water as used to drive machinery, esp for generating electricity
2. (Mechanical Engineering) a source of such power, such as a drop in the level of a river, etc
3. (Mechanical Engineering) the right to the use of water for such a purpose, as possessed by a water mill

wa′ter pow`er

or wa′ter•pow`er,

1. the power of water used to drive machinery.
2. a waterfall or descent in a watercourse capable of being so used.
3. a water right possessed by a mill.
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ISOLATED islanders could be the first to be connected to the Scottish mainland by water-powered ferries.
8, column, a readers comment about water-powered emergency backup sump pumps.
ALAN Shearer is playing in the top flight again as he has fun with a water-powered Flyboard.
* Unlike water-powered systems, battery backup systems work when there's no water supply
LKAB Wassara, the Swedish company that develops and manufactures unique water-powered drill systems for surface and underground operations, noted that there are more than 48,000 dams in the world that have a structural height above foundation of 15 m or more.
key features include: self-propelled wheeled cutter reel capacity up to 450 feet; self-cleaning camera features wiper blade and water-powered options: water-powered bit cooling options; easy dual joystick control; all-wheel drive for optimal traction; a low center of gravity and weight ensure difficult lines are navigated easily; and various cutting and grinding bits are available to accommodate specific applications.
"Our mill village is one of the few places in the country where visitors can see three historic water-powered mills in action - an important way to understand the origins of the Industrial Revolution," noted Mr.
WARWICK Castle has launched water-powered chargers to ensure visitors' mobile phones don't run out of battery during their stay.
The H20 water-powered radio, manufactured by Tango Group, clips onto the water pipe that runs up to a shower head.
A local San Diego news station attempted to start off its live morning show with a cool visual of a man using a water-powered jetpack to lift off into the sky.
* NO LONGER FREE: Residents, including pensioner Jim Duff, are unhappy about increased charges to use the refurbished water-powered cliff lift.
Homs, Central Syria (SANA) -- There, on Orontes banks intermediating al-Qaseer Citylies the last water-powered mill in Syria, Om al-Raghif watermill.