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water ski

or water·ski (wô′tər-skē′, wŏt′ər-)
A broad ski used for skiing on water while being towed by a motorboat.

wa′ter-ski′ v.
wa′ter-ski′er n.
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[ˈwɔːtəˌskiːəʳ] Nesquiador(a) m/f acuático/a
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If the candidate has a spouse who's an attorney and a child who's an accomplished water-skier, you can use the database to set up a dinner meeting involving you, the candidate, the candidate's spouse and three or four executives who have similar interests.
The film revolves around the story of a Moroccan fisherman named "Fetteh", who becomes a water-skier and embarks on an unexpected journey.
Canadian water-skier Whitney McClintock combined for three of the medals as she triumphed in the women's slalom event and then took silver in the tricks and jump finals.
Named one of the 100 Greatest Female Athletes of the Century by Sports Illustrated, Duvall-Hero is a five-time World Champion and Hall of Fame water-skier.
Jenna Strobel, a professional and acclaimed water-skier on her first visit to Lebanon, said that she enjoyed the show despite the rough water conditions.
Mr Mitchell, a keen competitive water-skier, was pronounced dead at the scene at 6.09am.
SYDNEY -- A world champion water-skier has died after a high-speed fall during a race near Sydney, Australian ski officials said on Tuesday.
Then a skilled water-skier skated by one-handed, the bow wave from the speed boat that pulled him sending ripples of waves towards the hundreds enjoying the free jazz, the warm evening air and the beautiful view.
THE business run by British racing's biggest musical events producer, former world champion water-skier Liz Hobbs, has been named in the top 20 fastestgrowing UK private companies by the Sunday Times.
WATER-SKIER Dominic Wheldrick wasn't about to let a dramatic crash-landing cut short his participation in an international competition.
Speedboats and the occasional water-skier also swish by.
A BLIND champion water-skier has passed another milestone in her life and career by becoming a published author.