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 (wô′tər-lēf′, wŏt′ər-)
n. pl. wa·ter·leafs
Any of various North American herbaceous plants of the genus Hydrophyllum, having pinnately lobed often spotted leaves and terminal cymose clusters of white or purplish flowers.
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1. (Architecture) architect a carved decoration on the upper part of a column
2. (Plants) a plant belonging to the genus Hydrophyllum
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(ˈwɔ tərˌlif, ˈwɒt ər-)

any of several North American plants of the genus Hydrophyllum, having clusters of bluish or white flowers and leaves often bearing marks resembling water stains.
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Noun1.waterleaf - any of several plants of the genus Hydrophyllumwaterleaf - any of several plants of the genus Hydrophyllum
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
Hydrophyllum virginianum, Indian salad, John's cabbage, Shawnee salad, shawny, Virginia waterleaf - showy perennial herb with white flowers; leaves sometimes used as edible greens in southeastern United States
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Seeps included eight plants of conservation concern: nerved sedge (Carex cf leptonervia; NC watch list); Ruth's sedge (Carex ruthii; NC watch list, TN threatened); golden-saxifrage (Chrysosplenium americanum; NC watch list); Virginia waterleaf (Hydrophyllum virginianum; TN threatened), purple fringed orchid (Platanlhera psycodes; TN special concern), Rugel's ragwort (Rugelia nudicaulis; NC significantly rare, TN endangered), Clingman's hedge-nettle (Slachys clingmanii; NC watch list, TN threatened); and ramps (Allium tricoccum; TN special concern; Crabtree, 2014; Robinson and Finnegan, 2014).
waterleaf 1891; Frison 1922 Boraginaceae Mertensia Virginia Robertson 1929 virginica L.
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