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(ˈwɔ tərˌskɔr pi ən, ˈwɒt ər-)

any of several predatory aquatic bugs of the family Nepidae, having a long respiratory tube at the end of the abdomen.
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Peter and Elaine Cowan, from Oman, continue their investigations into the Arabian waterscorpion, a species also found here, confirming that--contrary to previous studies--it can fly, while the extent of published knowledge of the UAE's flora is expanded by the papers from Mohammad Shahid and N.K.
Geographic range extension of the Waterscorpion Curicta scorpio Stal, (Hemiptera: Nepidae) and first record for Costa Rica
First report for the Neotropics of predation by the waterscorpion Ranatra (Hemiptera: Nepidae) on a member of Gerromorpha (Hemiptera).
Systematics of the New World Waterscorpion Genus Curicta Stal (Heteroptera: Nepidae).
At about 08.45 h on 25 May 2016, an Arabian waterscorpion, presumably Laccotrephes fabricii Stal, 1868 (Cowan & Cowan 2014), was located by us in the apparently permanent 'dragonfly pool' (23[degrees] 4.5' N, 57[degrees] 21.6' E, 680 m asl, Cowan & Cowan 2013, 2014) near Nizwa, between Al Hamra and Tanuf in the Jebel Akhdar foothills, northern Oman.
The waterscorpion was in shallow water, partially in submerged vegetation (Figure 1).
Observations of waterscorpions (Insecta: Heteroptera: Nepidae) in the Nizwa area, northern Oman.
Another paper, from nearby Oman, suggests, convincingly, that the only species of waterscorpion present in Arabia does fly, after all - contrary to the information contained in earlier studies.
Figures 3-6 and 9 show a waterscorpion out of the water.
Morphology and evolution of waterscorpion male genitalia (Heteroptera: Nepidae).
Waterscorpions are heteropteran bugs of the family Nepidae.